Top Most Perfect Reasons to Choose PVC Over FRP for Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchen water-resistant paneling must come with easy-to-clean surfaces that don’t require you to invest much time and effort in maintenance. Besides, fully sanitized kitchen interiors reduce the chances of illness and contamination. While you can always add FRP to your kitchen walls to keep them well-maintained and because of their low cost, PVC is always a far better choice. 

Simple to Clean Waterproof PVC Panels Require Fewer Efforts

Maintaining a full-fledged commercial kitchen isn’t easy; from maintaining the food quality to building customer relationships, the list is endless. However, keeping the interiors hygienically clean is an added task that might drain your energy and money. To keep it less stressful, consider using low-maintenance PVC panels from Duramax. The seamless interlocking panels don’t attract microbes and dirt, making cleaning easier. 

Furthermore, they don’t need you to splurge on expensive cleaners to maintain their shine. Simple wiping is enough to retain their brand-new finish for years. Unfortunately, FRP’s rough surfaces make maintenance a challenging task for the entrepreneurs, leading them to invest in additional labor and chemical cleaners, which proves financially exhausting and equally harmful to the integrity of the walls.

Reduces Chances of Contamination

Did you know bacteria can make their way through the smallest fissures, cracks, or splits? That’s where vinyl panels come into existence. The crevice-free waterproofing wall covering materials don’t let moisture penetrate and promote a harboring breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew infestation. 

The absence of bacteria and mold growth on walls creates a perfect environment for dine-outs. Besides, the panels don’t contain cellulose that mildew can feed and thrive on. Since such accumulation prompts immediate repair on FRP, they prove expensive in the long run. This is what makes PVC 4-5 times more long-lasting than FRP. 

High Strength PVC Panels Keep Performing Day After Day

The panels are made from 100% pure vinyl, making them highly resilient. Besides, they also have high resistance power against chemicals, odor, condensation, and moisture. They are also further impact and abuse-resistant, which proves equally helpful for commercial kitchens. Kitchens are high-traffic zones where the walls are vulnerable to getting hit and hurt accidentally. In addition, installing water-resistant panels cannot be damaged bruises resulting from heavy furnishings, heavy equipment, food carts, and forklifts.

Easy to Install PVC Panels Don’t Need You to Waste Unnecessary Time

Since the washable wall covering comes with an easy installation feature, they don’t require restaurateurs to invest their precious time in getting them fixed. The interlocking tongue and groove mechanism make plastic panels installation quicker and faster. Besides, they don’t even need the help of professional laborers for the job or additional materials. You can save around 40% on labor and 50% on material costs. Since the professional PVC installation procedure takes 7-8 hours, you can choose not to keep your business shut for several days.

FRP installation is expensive and time-consuming, resulting in the entrepreneurs facing significant business downtime and taking a loss from them. They also demand professional help to get fixed, given how they are attacked with adhesives.

Long-Lastingness Ensure Zero Replacement Hassle

Since PVC panels are made of advanced truss technology, you can expect a brilliant life span from them. They are 4-5 times more long-lasting than FRP. Besides, they don’t need expensive repair or replacement during their life cycle. Even with minimal maintenance, the panels can retain their original sheen and brand finishing for 100 years without callbacks.

Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Fire-Proof

Installing washable PVC panels is one of the most effective ways of fire-proofing your commercial kitchen. They come with a 1-hour Class A fire rating, which means you can keep your space protected and safe from fire-related hazards for an hour.

Duramax offers ½ inch-customizable washable wallboard that meets FDA compliances. The panels are ASTM and CFIA certified. The low-maintenance panels are ideal for all commercial spaces with a wet and humid interior, thanks to their 100% waterproofing abilities. Reach out at 323-991-7507 to get more details on the anti-microbial coated panels.