Top Maintenance Tips for Water Storage Tanks

Buying a top-quality water storage tank for your home is a major investment. However, it turns out to be only the starting point of the journey to make sure that your house gets access to clean, healthy, and hygienic water for different purposes. Whether you choose 1500l water tanks or water tanks for your home, these tanks are usually designed to withstand extreme temperatures and environments. However, only a few of them end up lasting for several years on the row.

Why? Due to the lack of proper maintenance, most water storage tanks can wear & tear with time and end up getting damaged due to prolonged use. Therefore, regular maintenance is of utmost importance to ensure the continuous delivery of clean, safe, and healthy water for your household applications. Regular maintenance of water storage tanks will not only make sure that your water tank features a longer life but also ensures that water stored in the same is healthy for consumption.

Tips for Maintaining Your Water Storage Tank

Overhead water tanks can last a long time. For the most standard water storage tanks, 20 years might be the average expected life span. However, for some, it might be more than 50 years. The difference? Water tank lifespan might be directly proportion to the level of maintenance and procedures. Some essential tips are:

  • Conduct Routine Checks: A reliable practice to ensure maximum maintenance will be to keep checking the overhead water tank -preferably once every month. While conducting routine checks, ensure that there is no dust or light capable of entering the water tank. You can ensure the same by making sure that all openings and gaps are covered. The tank should also be sealed tightly.

  • While conducting regular checks, remove dust or debris that might have accumulated on top of the tank. As you are doing it, you can also ensure a 360-degree screening for checking any external damage, corrosion, deterioration, and cracks. When you spot these at an early stage, it will help you seal or repair the same while preventing long-term damage that might turn out to be expensive.

  • Check for Sediments: One of the most common issues with storing water in overhead tanks is the build-up of sediments. Eventually, it might lead to infestation by insects and mosquitoes while also promoting algae growth. The presence of sludge and sediments -usually settling down at the bottom of the tank, creates a healthy ground for the development of unhealthy bacteria. It can lead to harmful outcomes when not taken care of properly.

  • To kill algae and prevent the formation of further algae in the tank, you can consider using bleach while cleaning the storage tank. The use of an opaque tank will automatically help in the elimination of algae. It is because algae do not grow effectively without the presence of natural light. To maintain the overall quality of the tank along with that of the water inside, it is recommended to undertake full-length cleaning of the storage tank -at least once a month

  • Draining and Disinfecting: It is also recommended to drain, disinfect, and clean the entire tank -preferably once a year. As the end of the summer season approaches, you can ensure this step to make sure that cleaning and drying the tank becomes simpler. Once you have drained out all water from the tank, it is suggested to scrub the bottom and the surrounding walls of the tank with a mixture of water and bleach to get rid of all dirt and debris.

  • Rinse the tank’s insides with the help of clean water as you use a high-pressure water jet. It is important to sanitize the storage water tank to make sure that it is decontaminated while getting rid of all microscopic germs. You can achieve the same by filling your 1000l or 1500l water tank with a disinfecting liquid like chlorine water.


If you are using 1500l water tanks for your home, you should aim at maintaining the same in the best possible manner. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of the water tank while getting access to clean and healthy water for multiple uses.

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