Top Magento Development Trends for 2021 and Beyond

The Magento development is becoming popular among developers and B2B eCommerce businesses due to the benefits that this dynamic development platform offers to its users. Magento is a popular B2B eCommerce platform used by billions of businesses to showcase their products to the world. Not just is it a dynamic way of business promotion, but it’s cost-efficient too for small and medium businesses.

B2B eCommerce websites are interactive and engaging, probably because they are developed on Magento’s cornerstone. The immersive eCommerce development platform brings along a multitude of benefits that constantly raise its standards.

  • Powerful and spacious
  • Time and cost-efficient
  • Intelligent filtered search
  • Mobile-friendly configuration
  • Easy third-party integrations
  • Built-in upsells and cross-sells
  • Versatile content management
  • A giant community of developers
  • Customized security permissions
  • Free, flexible development platform
  • Advanced search engine optimization

Though there are a plethora of CMS (Content Management System) available out there, developers often consider Magento for B2B eCommerce website development projects. A lot of advanced features that come complimentary with Magento make it the most preferred option. For building an interactive, multi-spectral, feature-rich B2B eCommerce website that performs excellently on all screens, you need to hire an expert Magento eCommerce development company with a proven track record in the industry.

Top Magento development trends that you must look for:

Include AI & Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence, through its vibrant technology, is channelizing the growth and expansion of eCommerce websites. Millions and billions of online stores have integrated artificial intelligence to read the minds of the customers and serve them exactly what they are expecting.

Artificial Intelligence helps to deliver a bespoke shopping experience to the customers. This eventually improves the customer retention ratio with a significant rise in returning customers. It boosts loyalty and helps build a social reputation, mainly when serving clients in a B2B model. 

Personalized Experience

With soaring competition in the market, you never want your client to move to another online store. So, you have to think out of the box. Have you ever thought about delivering a personalized experience with an innovative approach? What if your clients are served with the list of most preferred items that can benefit their business and that without searching and scrolling much?

Think that way, and if you can accomplish this, you will never lose even a single prospective lead. Your clients would love to return, and this will help you generate a lot of revenue. 

Chat Integration

Have you ever noticed that small pop-up that appears on the lower right side of the screen whenever you enter the eCommerce store? These are interactive chatbots that businesses use to communicate with their customers and offer a seamless shopping journey. This is a must-have element as it helps to answer and to solve customer queries in real-time. 

Other benefits that chatbots bring along are significant cost-reduction as the business does not have to host a support team for round the clock assistance. Do not forget to integrate Chatbots into your next Magento website to deliver a smooth shopping experience.

Organic Search

With the advent of advanced search algorithms, organic search has got smarter than ever. Having a full-fledged Magento website doesn’t mean that your work is over; you need to work even harder to improve the visibility of your website and make it rank higher in Google and other search engines.

Integrate smart search algorithms to help Internet users find exactly what they want by aligning your product catalog to the search query. Magento eCommerce development experts can help you to integrate breadcrumbs, auto-complete options, and filters into your website to help the visitors dig deeper into our online business.

Social Networks

Social selling is a popular trend that has been ruling the Magento B2B eCommerce sector, and it will continue to do so with its powerful marketing capabilities. B2B eCommerce giants are retrieving full advantage of social media platforms to reach out to the global audience, generate qualified leads, and achieve better conversions.

Paid advertisements add to the power of marketing and land potential buyers to the sales funnel. Your website’s navigation and design can play a vital role at this stage in encouraging purchase.

Voice Search

Disrupt every bit of technology into your B2B eCommerce Magento website to make it even more compelling and engaging before your competitors do. With the growing popularity of Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, it becomes imperative to empower your website with advanced search features such as voice input.

Voice Search is here to stay for longer, if not forever; so, it’s not a bad idea to integrate voice input methods into your website to make it more search-friendly.

Awesome Graphics

Expressive images and high-quality media are not new trends; it is something that’s around for decades. Nothing can make your product more interactive than premium images, infographics, videos, and other multimedia components. Displaying a 360˚ view of the products will give your visitors a complete overview.

Use videos and infographics to help users understand your product and its benefits, and finally make an informed buying decision.

Push Notifications

Push notifications and pop-ups contribute a lot to increasing your customer base. An experienced Magento developer can help you implement all the best practices that can boost your sales by attracting more customers. You must create a marketing campaign to decide when and how frequently you can send push notifications to your prospects.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the top Magento development trends that are likely to dominate the B2B eCommerce personalization in 2020. Leveraging all these practices into your website can attract many visitors and increase B2B sales. Not just that, when implemented correctly, these top trends can improve conversions and make your business flourish.

If you are looking to developing a Magento B2B website for your business, a proper consultation from experienced Magento developers can help you build an attractive eCommerce store using the right technology stack and innovative platforms so that it is highly accessible on all screen sizes.