Top Ebike Accessory for Your Summer Ride

You can do more with some additional accessories on your ebike this summer. Choosing the right accessories can boost the general performance of your ebike. Regarding safety, you can never be too cautious, whether just riding around the neighborhood or on a lonely road.

There are ebike accessories that don’t only keep you safe but also allow you to be more relaxed. A personal alarm is one of the necessary items for safety, especially if riding in a new environment. Many alarms feature GPS tracking, making it easy for someone to locate you during an emergency. To make your ride comfortable in the summer, wear breathable clothing. Thus, for more protection, consider wearing padded tops and shorts that will shield your body in the event of a fall. You can enjoy every second of your summer bike rides with the right accessories.

Reasons you should invest in ebike accessories

To keep you safe

Since you most likely share the road with other cars and bikers, it would help to take various safety precautions. It helps to have safety equipment for cycling, such as a helmet, polarized sunglasses, the bike lock, and light gear, which you may get from your electric bike accessories. You should wear safety gear to prevent terrible incidents from occurring. Additionally, you can install lights to improve visibility at night. 

Accessories provide more comfort.

If you use your electric bike frequently, you will appreciate its convenience. You may get hydration packs and phone mounts to make cycling more pleasant. Here is a list of bicycle accessories must-haves that can enhance the longevity of your commuter bike:

Ebike helmet

All ebike accessories are essential, but the helmet is non-negotiable. It’s perhaps the most used ebike accessory. When purchasing a helmet, get one that fits your head size and your riding style. There are road bike helmets that are aerodynamic and well-ventilated for smooth cycling. While the mountain bikes with rear head protection that keeps you safe in the event of backward falls. Besides helmets, gloves, elbow, and knee pads help shield your body from possible accidents or falls.

Bike GPS

It’s exciting to go cycling and explore new places during the summer. Before you embark on your trip, get a portable GPS to help you plan for the best route. Most GPS are water-resistant, and you can fit one onto the handlebars for proper viewing. Some bike GPS units have additional features, such as programmable routes and cycling safety tips.

Bike lock

Some cyclists insure their bikes after purchase. Since electric bikes are easy to steal, for safety, use bike locks. When you stop on the street, ensure you lock up your ebike. Various locks are available, such as cable, chain, or U-locks.

Bike phone mount

Having a phone mount as part of your electric bicycle gear helps you access it whenever you need it. Some phone mounts come which specific phone models. It might mean you have to buy a compatible cell phone case or a universal adapter for one you already own. Purchase amounts that protect your phone from weather conditions like rainfall and snow.

Storage and cargo

An electric bike with storage helps you organize your items on your trip. While biking with a cargo carrier or a front storage basket, you can access your belongings as you travel. Cargo bikes usually have heavier frames and are longer than your regular ebikes. Cargo electronic bikes come in two or three wheels, this kind of ebikes have pedal assists to make transportation of loads more manageable.

Bike lights

For more visibility during night rides in summer, for extra protection, get more lights. Most ebikes already have front and rear lights, but if you think they’re insufficient, you may always add more. You can get rechargeable or long-lasting battery-powered lights.

First aid kit

You may need to consider the terrain and your riding style when purchasing accessories. Take a first aid kit along as you cycle through rough terrain such as mountain trails. You don’t need much in your kit, just essential first aid items like adhesive bandages, alcohol pads, e.t.c.

Polarized sunglasses

The summer sun may sometimes be harsh. Polarized sunglasses are available to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Also, these sunglasses protect against dust, microbes, and particles are thrown at you by the wind and trees while riding. Ensure you purchase the right lens as some may affect your vision making obstacles such as road diversions and potholes look further.

Water Bottle or Hydration Pack

Hydration packs are designed specifically for sports; a hydration pack is necessary since cycling is a sport. You would need water to stay hydrated and to keep you going on long trips during the summer. On your trip, take enough water in other not to run out when in a remote area or on the hill. Hydration packs offer you comfort and convenience.

What to wear while cycling in the summer

To avoid sweating excessively, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable while pedaling in the summer sun on your ebike. But you also need to cover up as much as possible to avoid getting too much sun exposure, especially if you’re going on a lengthy trip.

The most important things to remember when putting-together dresses for summer cycling are:

  • Breathability: Clothing that allows airflow will keep you from sweating excessively.
  • Flexibility: Ensure you dress in loose-fitting, stretchy clothing.
  • Sun protection: Choose clothing that will cover you and ensure you shield your eyes from UV rays.
  • Comfort: You will have an easier time on your bike if you wear clothing that fits you well and is kind to your skin.


The numerous available accessories make riding an ebike fun and exciting. By investing in bike accessories, you can customize your KBO ebike. You can personalize features, from your helmet to bike lights, to match your chosen colors. Knowing you’re safe allows you to cycle and enjoy your ride to the maximum. Your ebike accessories make cycling in the summer easier and fun.

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