Top Attractions & Things to Do on The Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road has sights and experiences to offer everyone. Everyone interested in nature and outdoor recreation and those with a penchant for history and culture can get something they like.

A Great Ocean Road Tour is packed with breathtaking locations that will have you packing your bags and permanently relocating to picturesque beach communities. Don’t forget to stop by these tourist hotspots along the Great Ocean Road.

1. Bells Beach

Torquay’s gorgeous beach is one of the best-known surf spots in the world and a major draw for visitors on the Great Ocean road tour. “Bells” is fantastic whether you surf or want to watch it. 

2. Memorial Arch at Eastern View

The Great Ocean Road Memorial Archway is one of the best places to see the Southern Ocean. Being the traditional starting point of the Great Ocean Road, it attracts many tourists looking to take a picture at the iconic sign. Yet it was intended to be more than just a tourist trap. It was designed to honor the servicemen who paved the Great Ocean Road in the years after World War 1.

3. Teddys Lookout

In one breathtaking panorama, visitors to Teddys Lookout may take in the merging of the Southern Ocean, Saint George River, and Hinterland. The overlook is terrific for fresh air and breathtaking views along the Great Ocean Road. 

4.Kennett River Koala Walk

The Kennett River is situated in the middle of the distance between Lorne and Apollo Bay. Despite its little size, it is a popular destination for Great Ocean Road visitors because of its abundant koala population.

Although koalas certainly steal the show at Kennett River, there is a surprisingly large number of colorful King Parrots and other local birds in the area immediately around the café. People frequently go to the area to feed the birds seeds from the café. Therefore the birds stick around.  

5. Aireys Inlet Lighthouse

If you’re ever in Australia, you must stop at the charming beach village of Aireys Inlet. It’s laid-back, with beautiful beaches and mysterious tunnels to explore. The Split Point Lighthouse, a landmark of the Great Ocean Road, is also located there. The White Queen Lighthouse is a famous landmark along Australia’s Great Ocean Road. Built in 1891, it’s still going strong. The Australian children’s program Round the Twist has also used it in episodes.

6. Erskine Falls

The Great Otway National Park has several stunning waterfalls, but Erskine Falls is among the most well-known. It has a drop of 30 meters and two vantage spots from which to take in the breathtaking scenery. The hike from the parking lot to the viewing point is just about five minutes. The lower viewpoint, however, requires a descent of 240 stairs to the foot of the falls. 

7. Cape Otway Lighthouse

The Cape Otway Lighthouse is an iconic stop along Australia’s Great Ocean Road and is the country’s oldest operational lighthouse. Beacon of Hope is the name given to the lighthouse built in 1848. It has a rich and interesting past about 90 meters above the Bass Strait. The former lighthouse keeper’s home is also available for overnight stays if you plan.


The Great Ocean Road & Beyond is considered a great option for a road trip to Great Ocean Road. With good reason, it is at the very top of the list of avid road trippers and tourists all over the globe. There’s a wide range of wonderful sights along the Great Ocean Road.