Top 5 Underrated Tools ChatGPT Can’t Replace in 2023

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm as one of the most advanced AI chatbots ever created. While it can hold impressively human-like conversations and generate remarkably coherent text on a wide range of topics, OpenAI’s ChatGPT does have its limitations.

As innovative as this technology is, there are still many tools that ChatGPT cannot fully replace in 2023. In this article, we will highlight 5 underrated tools that remain firmly beyond the capabilities of even the mighty ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Has Its Strengths, But Still Falls Short in Key Areas

There is no denying ChatGPT is incredibly impressive technology, especially considering it was only launched in November 2022. In a short time it has demonstrated creative writing abilities, witty conversation skills, and intricate knowledge on many topics.

However, as remarkable as ChatGPT is, it lacks robust capabilities in certain critical areas compared to specialized tools built for specific purposes over years of development. Before highlighting tools ChatGPT can’t replace, it’s important to acknowledge its profound capabilities while still recognizing its limitations versus established software for demanding tasks.

1. Canva

Canva enables anyone to unlock their inner designer through its user-friendly interface and massive library of templates, fonts, graphics and more. With just a few clicks, you can create stunning social media posts, presentations, infographics, flyers, logos and other visual content.

While ChatGPT can describe or articulate a design concept, it lacks the dynamic visualization capabilities that have made Canva an essential tool for marketers, educators, small business owners and beyond.

Canva’s real-time collaboration features also set it apart, allowing teams to work together on designs seamlessly. With new features constantly being added, Canva continues to outpace ChatGPT when it comes to turning ideas into visually compelling content that makes an impact.

2. Rewording Tool

ChatGPT falls short of specialized rewording tools designed expressly for paraphrasing text flawlessly. While ChatGPT can loosely rephrase content, professional tools like QuillBot and rewording generator preserve meaning with meticulous restructuring at granular levels.

They reformat sentences without altering the core ideas or voice. This allows for plagiarism-free rewording tailored to specific contexts, from academic integrity to search engine optimization.

By changing syntax, diction, and phrasing precisely, the best rewording tools are unmatched in their capability to convey the same message in a fresh way. For high-stakes scenarios demanding perfect paraphrasing, ChatGPT simply cannot compete with dedicated rewording software.

3. Image to Text Converter

One key limitation of ChatGPT is its inability to process images and convert visual content into text. While ChatGPT excels at generating text, it lacks optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities that image to text converters possess.

Tools like Google’s Cloud Vision API, Abbyy FineReader, and image to text converter allow users to extract text from images, screenshots, scanned documents, and more. Whether it’s digitizing printed words, making image-based content searchable, or copying text from inaccessible files, a dedicated OCR tool is essential.

ChatGPT falls short when it comes to unlocking text trapped within visual formats. When access to image-based text is needed, an AI assistant simply cannot replace an image to text converter.

4. HEIC to JPG Converter

ChatGPT has no ability to convert image files from one format to another, unlike dedicated file conversion tools. For example, it cannot convert HEIC images captured on iPhones to more widely supported JPG files.

While HEIC offers great compression, many apps and websites only accept JPGs. That’s where versatile file converters excel. Tools like ImageConverter, Zamzar, and heic to jpg converter can change format, maintaining quality while enabling compatibility.

By transcending format limitations, they empower seamless usage of images across diverse platforms and applications. So when it comes to overcoming file format barriers, ChatGPT pales in comparison to the interoperability delivered by HEIC to JPG converters.

5. PDF to Word Converter

When it comes to working with PDFs and Word documents, ChatGPT hits a wall. It cannot convert PDF files into editable Word documents like dedicated PDF to Word converters can. Tools such as Adobe Acrobat, SmallPDF, and PDFelement excel at unlocking PDFs and transforming them into malleable Word docs. This enables easy editing, repurposing, and reuse of PDF content in Word for further document creation. You can also get easy access to ebooks free download along with converting files!

Whether it’s copying text from a PDF for a blog article, extracting images from a PDF, or completely reformatting a PDF file, specialized software prevails. ChatGPT simply lacks the capabilities to liberate content trapped in PDFs.

For accessible, adaptable document conversion, ChatGPT is no match for the power of PDF to Word converters.


While ChatGPT is an impressively advanced AI, it still has limitations compared to specialized software built for specific purposes. For unlocking visual creativity, precisely rewording text, extracting text from images, converting image formats, and freeing PDF content into Word, dedicated tools prevail. ChatGPT shows immense promise, yet still falls short when intricate design, accuracy, OCR, file conversion, and document malleability are needed. Rather than a wholesale replacement, ChatGPT is best leveraged to complement other software. Its futurology conversations even indicate AI agrees specialized tools remain essential in 2023, despite rapid advancements in generative AI.


Can ChatGPT replace Canva for graphic design?

While ChatGPT can assist with text-based content, Canva specializes in visual design, offering a wide array of templates and elements that ChatGPT currently cannot replicate.

Is ChatGPT’s paraphrasing on par with dedicated rewording tools?

ChatGPT’s paraphrasing capabilities are notable, but dedicated rewording tools provide higher precision and adherence to specific writing styles.

Why are Image to Text converters important in content extraction?

Image to Text converters extract text from images, enabling efficient data extraction and analysis, a feature currently lacking in ChatGPT.

Can ChatGPT convert image formats like HEIC to JPG?

No, ChatGPT lacks image conversion capabilities. HEIC to JPG converters facilitate seamless format transformation, ensuring broader compatibility.

What makes PDF to Word converters essential for content creators?

PDF to Word converters allow for the conversion of static PDFs into editable Word files, enhancing collaborative editing and content repurposing, which ChatGPT cannot perform with PDFs.