Top 5 Trade Courses Which Every International Student Should Consider

After the United States of America and the United Kingdom, Australia is one of the most popular locations for overseas students in the English-speaking world. Many students select Australia for additional study due to its cultural richness, strong educational level, and pleasant weather.

Australia is also renowned as an education powerhouse since its institutes provide a wide range of courses spanning from business to engineering to artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, the cost of living in Australia is significantly lower for international students from either underdeveloped or developed nations. Australia is also well-known for the wide range of trade courses that Australian institutions provide to overseas students in order to get hands-on experience in trade jobs.

Australia is also well-known for the wide range of trade courses in Sydney available to overseas students at Australian institutions, including plumbing, painting, cooking, carpentry, and automotive. The Australian VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector offers several advantages for upgrading your technical and commercial abilities. Enrolling in a trade school may assist in the development of new expert talents, the improvement of present skills, and the exploration of several new chances.

Top VET Institutes in Australia provide trade courses such as Certificates in Cookery, Automotive, Painting, and Plumbing. Most qualifications last roughly 52 weeks, including work-based training, so you may gain practical experience in a relatively short amount of time. Aside from this, an international student may be qualified to apply for a Graduate Stream Work Visa* after successfully completing trade courses and getting a provisional skill evaluation.

Trade Courses In Australia: Every International Student Should Consider

  1. Commercial Cookery Trade Course

Become a chef and enjoy access to fantastic possibilities anywhere, at any time. The hospitality industry is important in Australia, and it is predicted to grow by more than $100 million by 2023. In Australia, there is a high demand for professional chefs who can manage kitchens, teach workers, and design new menus based on consumer preferences. Chef salaries start at $25 per hour and can reach $80 per hour. The course is on the MLTSSL list, and visa subclasses 189, 190, 491, and 407 are offered.

  • Trade Course in Automotive

Our scientific knowledge and advancements have replaced horse-drawn carriages with contemporary gasoline vehicles. A profession in automotive technology is extremely fulfilling in this day and age since it has a direct influence on people’s lifestyles. Automotive graduates can pursue a variety of job paths, including motor mechanics, vehicle builders, automotive electricians, air conditioner specialists, automobile dealers, and heavy vehicle mechanics.

  • Trade Courses in Carpentry

Learning skills for a carpenter trade education can lead to work in a variety of carpentry occupations. Carpentry and woodworking are two of the most diverse and adaptable occupations available. This sector includes various areas of our life, ranging from internal architecture to outside façades.

  • Trade Course in Painting

Trade painters have a lot of options in Australia because the building industry is expanding exponentially. Trade painters play an important function in building construction since they are in charge of making things seem lovely and appealing. If you study painting in Australia, you will be recognised as a trade painter and will be able to get work with top building businesses.

  • Plumbing Trade Course

We’ve all heard about Australia’s shortage of experienced tradesmen. Plumbers are in high demand since plumbing work necessitates the use of a licenced plumber, similar to doctors, because they are needed everywhere. Australian VET Sector Institutes provide superior plumbing instruction through theoretical components and workshops.

Benefits of Trade Course in Brisbane

  1. Possibilities for Employment: In Australia, essential services are in great demand, appreciated, and well-compensated. This is important to consider while considering your future in the country. Even if you can work in a restaurant’s kitchen or on a construction site without any prior education, having done that will make a significant difference in the company’s consideration, the worth of your working hours, and the projection you may have in the country.
  2. Visa for Postgraduate Skill: If your Trade course is longer than 92 weeks, you have already taken the first step toward obtaining a Postgraduate Skill Visa (subclass 485). This visa is valid for 1.5 years. Thus, by combining the two years of study with at least 1.5 years of postgraduate study, you can obtain a visa valid for 3.5 years in total.
  3. Study and live: These courses are accessible in practically every city in Australia, and they are taught by several schools. As a result, there are carious schedule alternatives accessible, including schools where you have to study one day, schools that provide lessons on weekends, and schools where you may study in the mornings or afternoons. This allows you to work the 40 hours per fortnight that you are legally permitted to work under the student visa.

In general, these trade courses not only improve your skills but also open doors to various opportunities that can help you stay in the nation longer and obtain your PR in Australia.