Top 5 Tools To Boost Sales Team Performance

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Without revenue-earning opportunities, a venture can’t thrive or survive the highly competitive business environment. 

As a business owner, your sales team must successfully close deals. Armed with enhanced skills, team members must have the necessary tools in their arsenal, too. Ahead, you’ll find the most valuable resources your sales team must have to improve their performance. 

What are sales productivity tools?

Sales productivity tools cover any apparatus that streamlines any business processes, allowing the team to perform more tasks in a certain period. One of the most effective ways to achieve this objective is to automate tasks. Sales representatives can work more efficiently by getting the right software that optimizes the selling process and facilitates integration, especially with the marketing department. (1)     

Sales performance-boosting tools 

Several applications claim to boost sales performance. But every business organization is unique––what’s practical for one company may not generate the same results for another. With that said, here are some common tools that boost your sales team’s performance: 

1. Call recording software 

A call recording software is a highly beneficial tool for sales professionals for many reasons. This software automatically records the communication exchange between a sales professional and a prospect. A team leader will have to listen to the recordings to perform the following: 

  • Studying individual performance: A supervisor can check whether the representative handled the conversation well and provide some points where the sales associate could’ve dealt with the conversation better.  
  • Skills improvement: A call recording software can also be used for training and skills improvement purposes. A trainer can replay recordings during coaching sessions to point out whether they’re effective or need improvement. 
  • Customizing sales strategy: Most call recording software allows integration with other platforms, like CRM (Customer Relationship Management). As such, these recordings and their transcripts will be made available under a client’s records. A sales professional can check these records to craft better sales pitches and increase the chances of a successful sale.

2. CRM software 

Contemporary sales team members consider the CRM software as the most valuable and widely-used technology tool, per a 2017 survey conducted to 400 professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom. A CRM serves as an all-in-one customer and content handling solution, which is useful in both marketing campaigns and sales management. (2)

Apart from CRM, the survey also noted smartphones, laptops, collaboration tools, web meeting platforms, lead development applications, and tablets made it to the top places that contribute to improving digital sales. (2)       

3. Sales territory alignment software

Sales territory alignment is the process of assigning specific areas among sales representatives to ensure that all zones are being served and covered. Depending on company guidelines and assessment, a district may only have one or two sales reps. In densely-populated areas where the demand is high, a company may assign two people to cover the market wholly and optimize revenues. (3)       

Software programmed to align sales territory can improve the positioning and number of the sales force within a specific area. With it, the sales team can focus on their activities instead of experiencing loss of motivation due to repetitive movements or redundant coverage areas. It also ensures client retention through better customer engagement and coverage. (4)

4. Email lead generation tools  

Lead data collection tools automate the process of searching for prospects. As such, your sales team will no longer have to spend days, even weeks, looking for leads only to end up chasing the wrong candidates.

One of the ways to generate leads is through an email service provider (ESP). An ESP allows sales representatives to build landing pages, helping them make an email list of persons interested in your company’s offers. An ESP facilitates website lead collection and simple lead management solutions. It also allows a company to send multiple emails without being flagged by an internet service provider (ISP). (5)  

More leads don’t necessarily mean higher revenues. The key is to find the right type of leads through more advanced technologies.

5. Sales intelligence tools

These tools refer to technologies that assist sales representatives in finding, monitoring, and analyzing information about existing clients and prospects. As a sales tool, this software search for companies and individuals representing a company’s ideal customer. In some cases, it helps both marketing and sales teams qualify their leads accurately. (6)(7)       

Like a CRM, a sales intelligence tool can provide company and contact data on an individual. More than these, the application can also provide specific information on a prospect or lead’s purchases, contracts, and even digital footprints, including social media information. Essentially, this platform improves sales performance by boosting sales engagement. (7) 

Final thoughts 

After increasing brand awareness and client reach through effective marketing, your sales team will have to take over and encourage prospects to purchase from the company. Doing this requires sending the right messages and using the right strategies. 

With the tools discussed above, sales teams can streamline their workflow, improve their skills, understand customers better, and significantly increase their chances of closing a sale.


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