Top 5 Qualities Of A Top-Notch 3rd Party Fulfillment Company

In recent years 3rd party service providers have gained the trust and confidence of the business community for their efficient logistical support. These fulfillment companies act on your business’s behalf and make purchases, deliveries, payments, and all such activities that would require a specialized department. Contracting a 3rd party fulfillment company to process customer orders is one of the best business moves for small ecommerce companies. If you are up to take3rd party services, you should look for the following qualities before deciding.

1. Communication and Interactivity

A good fulfillment company will stay in touch with you until the order is processed and delivered. Therefore, it should work beyond the usual constraintsof 9-5 office timings. Such service provider should be available at all times to handle unwanted situations. Since it’s your money and customers they have to deal with, it needs to be vigilant and responsive at all times to manage queries and handle orders.

2. Global Reach

The whole point of hiring a 3rd party fulfillment company is to maximize the reach of your business. Suppose a service provider cannot reach a customer globally, then it’s good not to hire it. All the top-rated logistics companies have a global reach. No matter if it’s the farthest corner of the world, a fulfillment company should be able to reach there. A 3rd party fulfillment company with such a reach is the desirable one your business needs to grow exponentially.

3. Innovative Approach

All problems are decipherable if you can think outside the box. This trait is a must in a top-notch 3rd party service provider.An excellent logistic company will always offer solutions and ideas that make their work easy and save you some money. This can include intelligent travel routes, better storage options, excellent customer dealing, a clever return policy, and other qualities that benefit your business. All the best-rated fulfillment companies have this quality common.

4. Live Tracking

Since you are not directly involved in the packing and shipping of the products, you should be able to track them live. All fulfillment companies offer this feature; however, the top-notch ones keep you and your customer posted about the progress. They do this by providing live tracking options. You can be anywhere in the world, but you will be able to track your customers’ orders. Never opt for a company that doesn’t offer this feature; they might be cheap but not worth the headache and stress.

5. Transparency

A fulfillment company should be transparent with its fee structure and other charges. Some companies offer their services at cheap rates, but the hidden charges cover up thecompensation. Always go for a company with a payment schedule where all the necessary expenses and fees are stated.

Almost 70% of companies that use 3rd party fulfillment companies report savings. Their impact is undeniable; however, choosing only the best will do the trick. Look for the qualities mentioned above, and you’ll increase the profits and savings of your company.