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Top 5 Modular Kitchen Designs for Your Modern Home

Kitchen is the most important part of our house. People spend a significant amount of time cooking something in the kitchen. Also, people do many kitchen tasks like washing dishes, eating, cleaning etc. So, wanting to have a beautiful kitchen is not unfair. 

Moreover, a modular and well-equipped kitchen can help the cook a lot. So, if you want a beautiful modular kitchen, here are some design ideas and recommendations for making an attractive modular kitchen. 

1. Add modular quartz kitchen sink

A sink is used in the kitchen and bathroom for various tasks, like cleaning, washing dishes, washing vegetables and fruits etc. That is why having an advanced kitchen sink like a modular quartz kitchen sink is necessary. Although some guidance will be required if you want to install a kitchen sink. 

Ensure your kitchen sink has sufficient depth, which can add more style to the kitchen and give a new and fresh look. Choose whether you prefer large kitchen sink designs or small ones. Based on that, choose your kitchen sink. The market has many kitchen sinks like Marble sinks, terrazzo sinks, ceramic sinks, etc. If you are confused about which kitchen sink design to pick, contact reliable Kitchen Designers in Perth.

2. Choose the right kitchen floor

When you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, then your kitchen has to be a very safe area. So, being careful while choosing the kitchen flooring design is a big task. Also, you can choose floor designs that do not get cracks easily. Choosing a perfect kitchen floor design can help enhance the look of the kitchen. So, contact Hatch Renovations and ask for their advice before choosing the kitchen floor.

3. Add broad breakfast counter

Upgraded and broad breakfast counter designs in the kitchen are starting a new trend these days. They look more stylish if you want to make a functional modular kitchen. The walkway between the breakfast counter and kitchen provides a well-organised chef-like experience. If your family prefers a large quiet area, installing a large breakfast counter can be a good choice. For getting the best suggestions on breakfast counters, contact  Kitchen designers in Perth.

4. Place a double-bowl sink.

When you have a double-bowl kitchen sink, it adds a different style to your kitchen. Moreover, it suits perfectly with your modular kitchen. This type of kitchen sink includes a sprayer head, When you don’t want to use the sprayer head, it works like a standard faucet. The US and many countries use these kitchen sinks, which look cool and advanced.

5. Install bar unit

If you want a large kitchen, then adding a large bar counter is a great idea. It adds a new and different touch to the kitchen. You may put your stove on your island if you want. Also, you can add some additional stools to your island counter. You can serve it as a breakfast bar, where any family member can sit and talk to you while you work in the kitchen. This is also beneficial for those families who have children.  


A large part of your kitchen planning is about considering cooking, cleaning and food storage. While searching for kitchen designs, keep these three things in mind. So, if you consider building a modular kitchen, you have to think well and design your kitchen beautifully and soberly. So take your time, go through all the ideas we have provided, consider if you can afford the expense and then do it.