Top 5 Lessons From Connor Marriott’s Free Online Business Course, ‘Genesis’

Trying to make it in the online business industry is tough. Real tough. There’s so much more that goes into creating a successful business than most people realise and by the time they find out, they are burnt out from overexertion.

What if there was a way to avoid this common predicament? What if the correct way to go about creating a thriving online business was actually a lot more simple than you thought?

In this article, we run through our top 5 takeaways from Instinct Education’s free online course, Genesis, created by Connor Marriott. This free training is specifically designed for individuals who want more information on what they’re doing wrong when it comes to building a thriving online business.

  1. Manage Your Expectations
  2. Leave the ‘Know-It-All’ Attitude at the Door
  3. Get Crystal Clear on your Offer
  4. Searching For the Next Best Strategy is a Waste of Time & Money
  5. Your Messaging Matters More than Which Lead Nurture Method You Use


1- Manage Your Expectations

In the first portion of the program, Connor outlines the following,

“A big problem that a lot of businesses or business owners have, especially in the early stages, is they don’t want to learn things. They don’t want to do things outside of their scope. For example, if you’re a coach, you might just want to do coaching. “I just want to coach people. I don’t want to worry about marketing, or ads, or funnels, or sales, or accounting, or anything else. I just want to coach people”. And if that’s the case, get a job as a coach. Don’t have a business, because a business owner needs to know these things.”

Like so many areas in life, most of us want a quick fix in order to achieve our goals. But, just like starting a fad diet won’t turn over long-term results, expecting someone else to handle fundamental aspects of your business without going through the steps to really understand everything is a sure fire way to crash and burn.

Many new business owners opt for the Done-For-You marketing services, only to be sorely disappointed months down the track when they are stuck in the same position, with less money to spend and still no knowledge on how to move forward.

The key is to accept, before even starting, that building a solid and successful business is going to take effort and hard work, but that effort and hard work pays off exponentially when your goals are repeatedly reached.


2 – Leave the ‘Know-It-All’ Attitude at the Door

“We speak to a lot of people and they say, “I’ve done messaging. I’ve built my offer and it’s done, but I’m not making any sales. I don’t have any clients.” Well then you haven’t done it because it’s not up to you to decide if you’ve done it or if it’s good enough, it’s up to the market. Only the market can decide. So the only way you know if something is good is if the market wants it. If they don’t want it, it’s not good.”

What most people fail to realise is that just because you think something is a great idea. Doesn’t mean that it is going to resonate with your market exactly the way you picture it. Perhaps your idea is great, but a few changes need to be made in order for it to really hit home and bring in the right people. 

Searching for the shiniest new strategy or the be all and end all of quick fix marketing tricks is just a way of bypassing doing the work and really mastering your craft.


3 – Get Crystal Clear on your Offer

“A perceived problem is only really a problem if it’s stopping someone from doing something else, right? Having low energy isn’t a problem if there’s nothing that low energy is stopping you from doing. Being stressed isn’t necessarily a problem if it’s not affecting anything else in your life. Something is only a problem if it’s stopping you from doing something else.”

Quite often, people think that they are nailing their target market by describing what it is they are offering and how they can help. Packaging a truly great high-ticket offer requires you to probe a bit deeper. This topic is covered in great detail in Genesis, available on the Instinct Education website.


4 – Searching For the Next Best Strategy is a Waste of Time & Money

“When it comes to lead generation, most people get far too caught up on the method. They think, “I need this method or that method, or this strategy or that strategy,” but understand. All the method is, is a process of putting your message in front of a market. What you pay for when you are using any lead generation strategy is the method.”

Once again, this circles back to the quick-fix method. So many marketing companies today are making big money doing mediocre jobs for customers who could be doing the job themselves. And 20x better at that, because they have the fundamental knowledge.

Learn the basics, practice them, and never have to rely on another third party marketing company ever again.


5 – Your Messaging Matters More than Which Lead Nurture Method You Use

“It’s always because of the message. That’s why that is the most important thing when it comes to generating leads. Because without a good message, no method is going to work. So, the only way to generate leads is by having messaging that people actually want to respond to. There’s no way around this.”

Your messaging goes hand in hand with your offer. If you master your messaging to the point where the prospect of jumping on a sales call with you is a no brainer, then you’ve succeeded. Trying to find a messaging system that works or that reaches more people is futile without the absolute confidence that your messaging is perfect.

These are just a few of the valuable tips we found in Genesis, this free training is highly recommended toward business owners who are feeling lost and unsure of which step to take next. Be prepared for a few eye opening statements, but, more importantly, expect to gain a sense of clarity upon completion.