Top 5 interior design mistakes and how to avoid them

When it comes to interior designers in Bangalore, people like to add their ideas and personal touch. After all, a private space reflects one’s personality, and what better way than designing it by yourself.

But interior decorators in Bangalore work is not as easy as it looks. A mish-mash of ideas and unplanned furnishings could look like more of a mess than anything else. Here’s a look at the top 5 interior design mistake we’ve collected so that you won’t repeat them:

Irregular sizes of design elements

When choosing a design element, one must give a thought to its size. Unusually sized furnishings only end up looking and feeling like a blunder.

Irregular seating, wrong sized rugs, curtains placed too high or too low, randomized size of lights, colossal decor for small rooms are some design mistakes that feature in this list.

While having a piece of statement furniture adds aesthetic to space, it must be distinct and not an eyesore. Any element that is too big or too small and doesn’t serve the right purpose is a no-no. Choose furnishings wisely.

A flat style of decor

Taking inspiration from an interior design & modular kitchen in Bangalore trend is understandable. But when every element in the room reflects the same design style makes the interior decor look very flat. Too many decor pieces give a cluttered effect.

Likewise, too much symmetry ends up looking drab. This is where statement furniture comes into the picture. Having a unique item of decor in the right place adds a dimension to the room. Mixing patterns and preferences helps to create a style unique to each one.

Depending on a single source of light

While it is a good idea to use natural lighting sources to define a space, the place may end up looking like a dormitory or hospital.

The lighting elements need to be carefully thought. Be it a residential space or workspace, everything from the type of lighting, no. of pieces, and placement needs to be defined. By identifying and integrating multiple layers of lighting, every space will have its own charm.

Especially when there are so many more options to choose from, move over from simple recessed lighting to quirky pendant lights, task lights, and cove lighting options. Off late, centerpiece lighting is catching a craze within interior designers as well. Tiny dedicated light sources emphasize the elements of a table.

Borrow inspiration from a commercial space

Ever fell in love with the interiors in a hotel? Why not replicate the same at home? That’s very interesting – not! A hotel, or let’s just say any commercial setting, is defined to be ambient and comfortable.

The decor, furnishings, and lights are placed to create a specific effect known to impact spending habits. Replicating the same shows a lack of choice in design. And at the end of the day, no one would want their home to look like a part of a shopping mall or airport.

Art Wall

Decorating a wall with art pieces makes it look very appealing. But having art pieces hanging on every single wall makes it look like an art gallery. Focus on keeping limited walls decorated with multiple works of art hung at the right places to compliment the space.

What interior mistake will you get fixed? Please share your opinions in the comments section below.


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