Top 5 Gifts for People Who Lost Their Dog or Cat

What to Buy When You Lose Your Pet

Whether you’re a pet owner, or just know someone who is, there are some things you should do when your pet goes missing.

First and foremost, contact the local authorities. They will be able to help you in case of emergency and may be able to aid in the search for your lost pet. If you have a smartphone, use an app like Find My Pet or Lost Dog Finder. These apps allow you to track your lost animal’s location on a map as well as provide information about what they were last wearing and eating, so that if they are found it’s easy for you to reunite with them.

If your pet has been missing for more than 24 hours, call your vet for advice on what steps can be taken next.

5 Gifts to Help You Cope with the Loss of Your Pet

Finding a gift for someone who lost a pet dog or cat is difficult for many people. It can be especially hard for those who have been close to the pet for a long time. There are many ways to cope with the pain that comes with losing a pet, but this list will help you find some peace and comfort in the midst of your grief. 

People who love animals are the most passionate and loyal of friends. They often find themselves in the position of having to buy gifts for their animal-loving friends and family. This guide is an attempt to make the process easier for people who want to know what to buy their loved ones. There are five top gift ideas that they might like:

A memorial photo: It can be hard for people who lost a pet to get over their grief and move on with their life. Lost a pet gift will help them remember the good times they had with their pet by honoring him or her in a photo they can keep with them forever.

A pet-themed book: Pets are often considered members of the family, even if they aren’t human. The memories that pets share with their owners are endearing and priceless. These memories can be compiled into an engaging book which is sure to spark the imagination of their owners.

A stuffed animal: A stuffed animal is a sentimental gift people might hold onto for years and years. But for many, this old-fashioned toy is hard to find. These days, there are more creative options that allow you to create a personal memorial in a new way.

A toy dog: Many people give away a toy or stuffed animal to remember the deceased pet. However, these gifts can be expensive and many animals are not suitable toys for the children.

A toy cat:

A former toy for a pet that died is a great gift to remind someone of the past. It can be a gift in memory of your loved one or as an uplifting present for someone whose beloved companion has passed on. This type of thoughtful gesture is something that will most likely be appreciated, and could help someone get through difficult times.


A new pet- There is something about a new pet that can help ease the pain of a lost dog or cat. Even if you don’t have children, consider adopting a companion animal from your local shelter or rescue group. 

A visit from your old pet’s friends. When you lose your pet, it’s natural to miss them and wonder what they’re doing. Show your old pet’s photo to friends, family and co-workers to see if they remember your pet or have any news of them. 

A visit from other pets. If you can’t bring your lost pet back home, consider meeting new cats or dogs at a local shelter in the spirit of their old friend – just don’t expect your new companion animal to replace your lost pet. 

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