Top 5 Causes Of Garbage Disposal Leaks From Bottom & How to Fix Them

Top 5 Causes Of Garbage Disposal Leaks From Bottom & How to Fix Them

Leak At The Sink Flange

Leaks at the sink flange can cause plumbing problems in your home beyond just a leak at the bottom of a garbage disposal. If there is a gap between the tailpiece and the crock, then it can cause leaks around the sink flange and eventually seep down to the underside of your garbage disposal. Ensure that all connections are sealed tightly, especially where pipes meet, which will help prevent this issue from occurring in your home. Fortunately, if you do end up with a leak from your sink flange or garbage disposal, knowledgeable DIYers who understand basic plumbing tactics should be able to fix it with some simple tools and elbow grease.

Leak At The Dishwasher Hose

Leaking from the bottom of your garbage disposal can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient. One potential cause of this garbage disposal leak is a leak in the dishwasher hose that connects your dishwasher to your kitchen sink. Inspecting the dishwasher hose can reveal wear and tear or a noticeable tear or leak at one of its connections. If you find that the dishwasher hose is to blame, it is vital to replace it immediately, as not doing so could lead to further water damage within your home. Fortunately, replacing a damaged dishwasher hose is not a difficult task and generally only takes minutes when you have the right tools and supplies.

Leak From The Reset Button

Leakage from the reset button of a garbage disposal can be one of the more difficult leaks to diagnose and repair. If your unit is leaking from the bottom, it is likely originating from a malfunctioning reset button, which is responsible for controlling the power supply to the internal motor of the disposal. Fortunately, these problems can usually be resolved with a simple replacement or adjustment. Regular maintenance and proper installation are vital components in keeping your garbage disposal functioning correctly and free from any leak-related issues.

A Broken Seal Inside Of The Unit

A broken seal is one overlooked reason a garbage disposal might start leaking from the bottom. In older models, seals can become worn down or cracked over time due to regular use, leading to water leaking through the base and onto the floor. It could be a much simpler fix than dealing with corroded pipes or an entire system malfunction, but it is essential to identify it as soon as possible. Ignoring a broken seal can cause much more significant damage to your garbage disposal and other nearby appliances, costing you more time and money for repair or replacement in the long run.

Cracks On Body

When dealing with a leaking garbage disposal, it is essential to check for cracks and other signs of damage. Even the slightest damage – such as a small crack on the machine’s body or faulty wires or wiring – can drastically increase water leakage. It is best to thoroughly check all components and ensure they are in good condition before attempting to operate the disposal; if possible, take it apart and examine each part closely, as this will provide an easier means of identifying any damage. Taking the necessary precautions before using it will help ensure that your garbage disposal can stand up against years of use without any further issues.

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