Top 5 Best Hearing Aid Supplies Worth Buying Today

Today, hearing aids play an important role in the lives of people suffering from hearing loss. These small electronic and medical devices are designed to make sounds louder and clearer for people with hearing problems. To get the most out of your hearing aids, you need to also buy the best hearing aid supplies and accessories.

But here’s a quick question; What exactly are the most essential hearing aid supplies and accessories worth buying today? You’ll find the answer to this hearing aid-focused question as you read on.

  1. Cleaning accessories

One of the best ways to maintain and care for your hearing aid is by practicing a daily cleaning routine. After every daily use, you need to clean your device to prevent any damage, which may surface due to the accumulation of earwax and dirt.

You need the following hearing aid supplies and accessories to clean your device the right way:

  • Audio wipes
  • Earwax removal kit plus bulbs 
  • Hearing aid dehumidifier
  • Hearing aid cleaning brush

You can get any of these products at Audiology Island’s hearing aid store at affordable prices.

  1. Rechargeable hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries are available in two forms; disposable and rechargeable. To save money, we recommend that you go for the rechargeable options. For instance, rechargeable 312 hearing aid batteries come with many distinct benefits over their disposable counterparts. They aren’t just convenient and environmentally friendly to use. In addition, they are also highly cost-effective and tend to last longer.

  1. Portable hearing aid chargers

Portable hearing aid chargers are ideal for people who use rechargeable hearing aids. You can invest in a portable charger and use it as your backup charger for traveling purposes. As the name suggests, these products are portable and pretty easy to carry around because they have no plug.

You can visit Audiology Island’s hearing aid store today to find the best portable charger for your hearing device.

  1. Hearing aid domes

Presbycusis is an age-related hearing loss condition that affects millions of people in the United States. If your condition is mild or moderate, we recommend that you buy a hearing aid dome. With this device, you can always get your non-custom hearing aid to fit and work more effectively.

You can visit Audiology Island’s hearing aid store today to find the best hearing aid domes (open and close models) for your non-custom hearing aids.

  1. Hearing aid carrying case

Agreed, some hearing aid supplies often come with a carrying case when purchased new. If your device came with one, you may be wondering why you need another carrying case.

Before deciding not to buy a new carry case, you need to first ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my current carrying case waterproof and durable?
  • Is your hearing aid case near its lifespan? 

As a swimmer, if your carry case isn’t waterproof, buying a water-resistant product may help you get the most out of your hearing aid device.

Like the hearing aid itself, hearing aid supplies and accessories are also very important. With the aforementioned accessories, you certainly will get the most out of your product. Just make sure you buy high-quality products – you can always find them at affordable prices at Audiology Island’s hearing aid store.

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