Top 3 Top Sales Management Software Tools for High-Performing Sales Teams

For a sales team to get the best results, it needs to be organized to its best potential. A team that is only three-quarters focused is not a team that will net the most positive results. The focus of a sales team, as well as its motivation, can be drastically enhanced with the help of the right sales management software. Not only can this software give morale a boost and an extra incentive to succeed, it can give project managers better data to support them and push them, and can therefore empower the whole firm. A CRM software could also be used to increase productivity.

Here, we will look at 3 of the top sales management software tools for high-performing sales teams today.

  1. Pipedrive 

Pipedrive is a simple, no-fuss tool but is nonetheless an effective one. Easy to install and to use, all the tricks up Pipedrive’s sleeve are designed to enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and give sales a boost.

Pipedrive is equipped with analytics which post-analysis will provide reports based upon activity, supplying you with some very useful data. Pipedrive will also let you track actions, not just once they have occurred but also while they are pending. It can be integrated with a number of other useful tools, such as MailChimp and Google Maps. 

There is a real emphasis with Pipedrive to negate any unnecessary clutter and avoid pointless fuss. It’s built around a clear, visual, fully customizable pipeline that displays your leads as they make their way through sales funnels

Though the cheapest option is somewhat limited, with far less available than on any of the paid plans, what the free plan lacks by default can easily be made up for with its integrational capabilities. Missing features and functions while on the bottom rung can easily be attached, a fact that makes the free version still worth having.

More suited to small businesses than large ones, Pipedrive’s CRM is incredibly user-friendly, making it ideal for those new to using CRM. Its drag-and-drop UI couldn’t be simpler to use, making the building of custom pipelines as easy as 1-2-3. Workflow automation is also possible for sleeker sales processing.

Pipedrive key features:

  • Customizable;
  • Open API;
  • Sales forecasting;
  • Android and iOS availability;
  • Fully encryption;
  • Can integrate with email business service tools;
  • Sales and analytical reports.

Though very good with what it has, it is lacking some more advanced tools, which a growing business could do well to have. These include email marketing tools and resources, as well as an outright lack of actual project management capabilities. However… As has been stated already, what Pipedrive lacks by default can be remedied with the use of add-ons. 

  1. Hubspot

Where Pipedrive can be beneficial to small high-performance sales teams, Hubspot is geared more towards benefitting midsize to large sales teams. Unlike some of its peers, Hubspot is one of the easier toolboxes to get to grips with.

Whichever version of Hubspot you opt for, you will be supplied with a sturdy platform from which to go about your CRM activities. Its free incarnation will log your sales activities – automatically. These activities include meetings information, emails, and calls, and provide a crystal clear view of your pipelines. 

Hubspot is robust enough to take on similar and same duties as Google Analytics. Sales and marketing strategies and campaigns can be streamlined, tracked, and amended where needs be in real time so as to optimize their effectiveness on the hoof. This can save money. Should a campaign be missing its marks, it can be re-aimed while it is still out in the field, meaning a misfire of a campaign isn’t entirely wasted. 

Key Hubspot features include:

  • Email templates;
  • Scheduling and tracking;
  • Meeting management;
  • Predictive lead scoring;
  • Social media management;
  • Landing page optimization.

A great resource for high-performance sales teams, Hubspot is a market leader in aiding the nurturing and capturing of leads.

  1. Zoho

With the intention of increasing lead conversion, Zoho is a design-oriented CRM. Sales managers stand to gain from understanding the potential of design in the process of creating added value, explains a current MDI in design management. Though quite significantly smaller than many of its peers, it is still armed with some strong capabilities, which is why it is still such a popular choice. It has become something of a ‘fan-favorite’: it is highly rated by those who use it and enthuse about its benefits. 

Solid reliability has gone a long way to nurturing Zoho’s reputation. It comes with dependable communication features that provide real-time interactions with customers. Emails can be sent and calls can be made from its central platform.

It has a user-friendly UI and can be very easily and conveniently integrated with a batch of powerful tools, including those from Google. If you are already using any of the resources and tools that are available from Google’s suite, then Zoho is a must-have additional software package to add to your tech stack. 

Great for collaborations between teams, Zoho is a straightforward tool that allows for the better handling of lead nurturing and customer relations growth. A great asset to new and established companies, unlike Pipedrive and Hubspot, Zoho is a solid all-rounder, capable of working well with teams of all sizes.

Key Zoho features include:

  • Analytics;
  • Customizable functionality;
  • Template building;
  • Email marketing;
  • Improved collaborations;
  • Enhanced customer interaction (including real-time communication). 

As well as Google’s office-based utilities, Zoho can also work with Microsoft’s Office software, as well as a huge range of other third-party software. 

  1. Aritic

Aritic PinPoint is a unified marketing automation software platform for marketing operations teams at small and medium businesses. It helps you to build relationships with leads, automate marketing campaigns and convert leads to paying customers easily.

Aritic PinPoint integrates with CMS, like WordPress, Drupal, has bi-directional native CRM integration with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Dynamic CRM, Zoho CRM and social media platform integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Foursquare, Instagram.

Aritic Features Include:

  • Landing page builder
  • SEO tracking
  • Keywords tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead tracking
  • Lead nurturing
  • Email campaign management
  • Email campaign automation
  • Push notification campaigns
  • Marketing campaign builder
  • A/B testing
  • Website tracking features with marketing assets management.

Aritic PinPoint is perfect for a marketing team to get going from day one. It is user friendly and is easy to understand in seconds

In case you have any suggestion, PinPoint has a separate ‘feedback’ section wherein you can post your feedback details. PinPoint is very serious about its users and hence makes it a point to improve every minute.

  1. NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is a perfect tool for managing sales. It’s a sales automation solution that helps to organize and manage customer base, nurture relationships with clients, monitor the progress of the deals, track the team’s effectiveness, and, finally, close more deals. 

The tool is integrated with Gmail, LinkedIn, and other third-party apps that make lead generation easier and more effective. NetHunt CRM gives its users an opportunity to automate lead capture as it pulls all the available data directly to the CRM records. On top of that, you can streamline your sales process with automated follow-ups, automated change of the deal’s stage in the pipeline based on their response, and automated task creation. Finally, you can also configure the system to send you notifications once the deal is closed or requires your attention — all without your direct involvement, too!

In addition to the sales automation functionality, NetHunt also provides its users with the sales reporting feature. You can build reports from within the system to see which processes are working and which ones need improvement, which teams are effective and which ones need to re-think their strategies. 

NetHunt CRM features include: 

  • Integration with Gmail and other Google apps
  • Contact management: segmentation, filtered lists, etc.
  • Lead generation & management
  • Email campaigns: email tracking, templates, unsubscribe feature, etc.
  • Sales automation
  • Sales & team performance reporting
  • Full customization

If you’re used to working in the Google ecosystem, the tool is worth trying: NetHunt turns Gmail into a powerful sales management tool.


Your business needs to be using sales management software to hone its sales teams and sharpen its marketing. Without these resources on hand and assisting you, potential profits are just flowing by and energy is being wasted trying to chase them. Sales management software is a must-have. With the help of any of the tools mentioned above, you will enable the empowerment of your business and the teams that work for it.