Tips To Avoid Clogged Drains

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, hygiene comes first. Unfortunately, we always tend to keep busy with the fancy parts of our home, such as interior decorations, so the sewage system often gets neglected. The reality is, most of the time, the reason behind the clogged drains is our mismanagement only. 

We sometimes threw particular wastes in the sinks that were supposed to go inside the garbage bin. Repeatedly doing this leads to clogged drains eventually. If your drain is already clogged, then look for a good plumber. Drain Cleaning Adelaide is a serious concern to make daily life hustle-free. If you want to prevent the clogging of the drain, then this article is for you. Let’s peek in. 

Use Strainer in Sink

The best way to avoid drain clogging is to put nothing in the sink except water. But that is practically impossible. Some leftover food or peels of vegetables and fruits go indie the sink, eventually clogging the drain. To avoid this situation, we can use a strainer. These can be put on the nozzle, and the solid parts get accumulate in that. You can remove it and clean it when needed. Ideally, you should clean it every day., 

Clean Your Drains Regularly

For keeping everything hygienic, drain cleaning in Adelaide is a real concern. At least once a week, remove the stopper from your sink and clean it thoroughly. Do not forget to rinse the stopper before reinserting it. Not only the sink but remove the stopper of your shower tub also because a lot of debris gets accumulated there too. Another good way of cleaning the drain is to run hot water. You can fill your tub with hot water first and then drain it. This effectively cleans the drain. 

Use Drain Cleaners

Sometimes cleaning with only water is insufficient if your drain is severely clogged. There are various types of chemicals available in the market that you can use as cleaners. But there are chances of pipe damage if chemical cleaners are used repeatedly. This problem can also be solved using bacterial drain cleaners. These are bio-degradable and non-corrosive and hence, don’t cause any harm to the pipes, yet are cleaned thoroughly. 

Use Plunger

The use of a plunger is a conventional method of drain cleaning. People have been using this technique for years to clean Blocked Drain Statewide. All you have to do is, put the plunger bell n the opening of the drain so that it seals it and then pull out and push in so the water flow exerts all the dirt that is already deposited. 

Check Drain Stopper

Do not forget to check the stopper often. Sometimes hair or other residues stick to it, which we overlook. This can cause clogging of your drain. When you see something like that, clean it immediately and put it back again. 

Bottom Line

Removing the clog from your drain or avoiding it maintains cleanliness and hygiene. All that needs to be done is maintaining it timely. But if your drain is clogged already, you should first remove it. You can get in touch with plumbers if you see Blocked Drains Statewide.