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Tips to Add the Perfect Coffee Haven in Your Kitchen

Coffee lovers go above and beyond for the perfect brew. Instagram would have you believe that you need space-age espresso machines, super standardised coffee pucks and all kinds of fancy equipment for your caffeine kick. However, a simple coffee bar in the kitchen is often enough to get the job done.

Moreover, coffee bars aren’t just about your morning brew. Instead, they allow you to make a statement about your passion and carve out a small corner of love in your kitchen. Sometimes, a coffee machine placed on the countertop is enough and other times it translates to major kitchen renovations in Kelowna

Here’s a nifty recipe to add a cute coffee bar to your kitchen:

1. Locate the right spot

There are no strict guidelines for creating the perfect coffee space. That’s why there’s no need to overthink it. Your coffee station may be set up in a corner on the countertop or placed deep in a rollaway cupboard. If the countertop doesn’t have room for a coffee machine, you can add a tiny table on the side.

You can also remodel your kitchen to carve out a dedicated space for your coffee bar with the help of kitchen renovation contractors in Kelowna. Whether it’s adding a tiny ‘coffee island’, adding new cabinets or something else, as long as you have a vision, professionals can bring it to life.

2. Get an amazing coffee maker

There’s no need to invest thousands of dollars in futuristic or vintage espresso machines that allow you bragging rights among coffee snobs. You can invest in one if you have the budget and renovation companies in Kelowna would be happy to source it along with other kitchen appliances for you.

If you have a limited budget, be smart about your investments. Get a manual grinder, a decent coffee puck and a brewer that fits your preferences. It may be a French Press, an Aeropress, an espresso machine, a pour-over or anything else. As long as you put a little bit of thought into optimising your brew, you can never go wrong.

3. Create shelving

The main purpose of a coffee bar is to bring you the convenience of a barista. Everything should be within easy reach and minimise chaos. Grinding your beans, placing them on the puck and waiting for the water to boil and get pushed through the coffee ground consumes a lot of time. You don’t want to waste any more of it on looking for mugs, spoons, filters and other accessories.

That’s why it is important to add shelving or some form of accessible storage. If you want to be extra elegant about it, add thick floating shelves that don’t just support the weight of accessories but allow you a lot of creative room with underside hooks. Floating or open shelving isn’t just practical, but lets you show off your colorful coffee mugs in all their cute splendor. If you are building a new house, custom home builders in Kelowna, BC can help you integrate these features into your home design from the get-go.

4. Choose the right colour scheme

There’s an easy way to make your coffee bar pop. Just choose the right colours. If you have a lot of earthy tones in your kitchen, you don’t have to put in a lot of work. Choose lighter tones with a lower saturation for the coffee bar top and a darker tone for the open shelving. Most coffee machines, mugs and accessories come with these tones and blend in really well with this sort of decor.

You don’t need to sweat if you have a lot of grey, black and stainless steel in your industrial-themed kitchen. Choose vintage-style coffee machines with brushed metals, highlight your pucks and coffee never tastes bad in a steel cup as long as the inside has a ceramic lining. Double down on the industrial and steampunk vibe. When it comes to aesthetics, home renovation in Kelowna is about highlighting your personality and preferences.

So, shove the Instagram hype away and embrace a cup of happiness with a personalised coffee bar in your kitchen. Putting your money and thought into a coffee station isn’t about flexing on social media. Think of it as showing your love for roasted beans and creating a haven that reflects your unique taste.

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