Tips on Making your Phone Faster by Mobile Repair Shop

“Nothing Lasts Forever” is a phrase that also applies to smartphones nowadays. Mobile phone usage has also increased the risk of damage to phones. Dropping your smartphone directly results from how you use your mobile phone and how you maintain it. We are all aware of the battery and screen damage to our smartphones, but dealing with the slow phones? We’ve all been there. Sometimes you have strong signals of WiFi, but still, you face difficulty performing different tasks on your phone like updating, watching videos, and using other simpler commands. These reasons confuse us about the performance drop of our smartphones, particularly the dramatic drops. In this blog, mobile phone repair shops like Safe will give tips on making your phone work faster and perform better. 

What makes your phone turtle?

The answer to this question depends on users’ usage and personal experience with their phone’s performance. There are a few answers that relate to all of us. From delays in animations to the launching of apps, a few reasons scream that your phone’s performance is going down.

Animation Delays

To notice a slow phone, you dont need to be an expert. While using your phone, you will start noticing that the visual moments in your phone are slow, like a turtle, and you’ll have to wait for minutes to get to the next movement, like swiping to the next pages or apps. These delays are frustrating and can also get in the way of you, your work, and your communication. 

Delays in App Opening

When we buy our phones, we become happy about how our phone is opening and closing all the different apps, but years later, we realize that we now have to wait seconds for our phone to open a simple Instagram app. Launching an app should not be that difficult in this ideal world. Smartphones are manufactured in a way to work faster, but with time, this trait disappears. If you decide to watch Netflix, you tap on the Netflix app and go to get a bag of chips for yourself; when you return, it is still loading, then you have got to give it a reset. 

Storage Warnings

One of the major reasons that cell phone repair shops also discuss is the storage issue. Many people habitually save high-quality videos and pictures on their phones without knowing how much storage these pictures and videos are taking. This is the main culprit behind slowing your smartphone’s performance. It is not necessary to be an expert to know that your phone’s storage is full and it is slow because of its performance drop. Some users can tolerate the delays because they are used to them, but it is very frustrating to wait for seconds and minutes for some people. 

How will my smartphone work faster?

Some people believe it is better to buy a new device and drop the slower one, but not everyone can afford to buy a brand new phone at a sudden moment. Smartphones are price hiking nowadays, and you have to spend a fortune buying them. Below mentioned are the tips given by the mobile phone repair shop that will help you improve the performance of both android and iOS devices.  

Restart your device

Phone Repair shop in St. Maximum, FR, suggests that in every device, whenever a problem occurs, the first thing that people should do is to restart their phones. If you are facing a lag in your phone or getting stuck somewhere, just reset your phone. It will fix all the temporary problem that exists on your phone. 


Some people believe they shouldn’t install and update their phones instantly as soon as they come out but that is not true and shouldn’t be taken seriously. These updates come with bug fixes as well as security improvements that keep your device and data secure. If you are receiving many update notes, they are probably the fixes of issues you are facing suggested by users. These fixes can actually fix and improve the drop you are facing in your devic’s performance. Take it from smartphone and tablet repair shops and keep your phones updated. 

Uninstall useless apps

Applications not only take space from your storage but also from memory. Too many apps result in struggle to perform other tasks in the device. When any application is useless in your phone, just delete it completely. Deleting all the useless apps from your device can surprise you with your phone’s speed. 

Reduce Animations

Nowadays, smartphones come with an option of reduce animation whenever the phone is slow. When you reduce the animation, it will result in less pleasing movements on your screen but you will get a better performance out of your phone. 

Factory Resetting

If your phone is really working slow, the most effective way cell phone repair shops suggest is to factory reset your phone to make it work like a brand new phone. There are different options for factory resetting in your phones. Some smartphones give you the option to select what you want to reset while other smartphones do a complete factory resetting which means everything goes. This should be the last option because you can loose very important data in your phone. 

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