Tips for choosing the best scrubs for your hospital or medical center

Uniforms have become an essential part of many professions, not only as a way to homogenize workers, but also for their easy identification and, in most cases, uniforms are a tool to facilitate their activities and provide protection and security. Medical uniforms are an example of this, since they serve to identify the different departments of a hospital and activities of each professional, they protect them from possible contamination and the general public relates them to their profession.

In hospitals and medical centers, both doctors and surgeons and nurses must have a Popular Nurse Uniform scrubs manufacturer, as well as the nursing staff and auxiliaries. The uniforms must meet certain standards of manufacture, use and cleanliness, since they are what they will use to carry out their sensitive and delicate profession. If you have a clinic or hospital, it is necessary that they have a dress code that homogenizes the uniforms of their employees.

Whether they are just starting operations or want to update the uniforms, as well as if they provide the clothing to their employees or they must acquire it on their own, it is important to know what should be taken into account when choosing the best medical uniforms Scrubs, so that your staff can perform their tasks comfortably, safely and create a professional image of your clinic, hospital or medical center.

The range of types of medical uniforms is not very wide, since when governed by national and international standards, many times the choices can be limited to size and in some cases to colors, which are also usually determined by type specialty and activities carried out within the hospital. However, when choosing the uniform for their staff they can have more freedom

The first thing to determine is the areas that will be in your hospital. If they will only have offices for general care, an emergency area or areas of specialties such as laboratories, X-rays, morgue, etc. Once the departments have been determined, they must evaluate whether their staff will be fixed or will rotate through different areas, since if they rotate they will need more than one type of uniform, so they will have to buy or provide them with different garments.

The design of the uniforms can be personalized, with the exception of those used in operating rooms, since their main function is to protect medical personnel and patients from any contamination caused by fluids, such as blood. When choosing the design of medical uniform for your staff, take into account the tastes and opinions of your staff, since they are the ones who will wear it and should feel comfortable and safe to carry out their tasks.

Clinics and hospitals, unless they belong to a group, have the freedom to make small modifications to the traditional medical uniform, giving a unique touch that characterizes their staff, whether they make a change in the colors of each department, in the uniform fabrics or in the designs and cut of the fabric. This can also serve as a good advertising strategy for patients to identify your staff and not confuse them with those at other medical centers.

The main garments that medical uniforms are made of are: the traditional white coat for all doctors and laboratory personnel, which is used in non-invasive areas, such as laboratories or doctor’s offices. For emergency medical departments, intensive care and other specialized departments, including the operating room, the uniforms are made up of a set of pants, a hat, a Filipina, mask and gloves. In these cases, it is intended to guarantee the safety of the patient and the medical team.

Once you have the design and colors for your medical staff uniforms, to be the best they must be made from fabrics of the highest charity and preferably one hundred percent natural. The most common fabric is cotton, although there are different types of cotton fabric, so you must select the best one, and one of the most important characteristics is that it allows perspiration, since one of the main sources of bacteria in the body it is sweat and its accumulation on uniform fabrics.

Cotton, which is a very fresh natural fiber, is also used cotton mixed with synthetic fibers. In addition to choosing a fabric with the characteristics described, they must be comfortable, non-allergenic and allow unrestricted movement. Having a clean uniform with the proper fabric, thickness, and construction helps prevent the spread of infectious organisms.

In this way, having a unique design that stands out from other clinics, a color code that allows the identification of your staff and medical uniforms manufactured with top quality materials will result in the best uniform for the staff of your clinic, hospital or medical center.

As you can see, uniforms are a fundamental tool for the work of health professionals. They also allow you to create a professional image, which is very important, since doctors with a professional and formal image generate more confidence in patients who relate it to health and hygiene.

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