Things You Should Not Do When Treating Acne

What could be your reaction when you have pimple? Ofcourse the unusual grimace, but what’s more worst is that you keep looking or touching it, trying to pop it. Right?

Acne are very irritating and can be seen as a major problem often in young age. No matter how rigorously you follow your slincare regime, the moment you see a pimple, all your diligence goes in vain. 

Further, pimples can leave a mark that can’t go away easily and because of that we try many things which can only make it worse.

Here is a list of few things we should not do when treating acne.

Trying and experimenting new products: Trying new products in hope of reducing it. We should avoid using too many products as it can damage our skin as well as worsen the acne and can hamper your acne treatment. It can lead to new skin problems also.

Having Lots Of Junk:  Avoid eating junk food. Acning can also be seen as a result of bad eating habits. Having too much oil in food can not only deteriorate your skin but also your health. Instead, we should include plenty of water in our diet.

Pinching Or Squeezing: Avoid pinching and squeezing your acne as it will not only make it worse but also leave a scar which will not fade away easily. Resist over cleaning and scrubbing acne. Our hands touch many dirty things and carry unseen bacteria and when we touch acne with hands, all the bacteria will be transferred. It will make it infected leading to some new skin disorder.

Over Using Makeup: Avoid using makeup too often. Using makeup of multiple brands will not help in treating acne. The use of makeup should be limited. Herbal or ayurvedic products are highly recommended for healthy skin. Aloe-vera can be used as a good toner for healthy skin. Sharing of products should be avoided.

Not Listening The Experts: Ignoring an appointment with a dermatologist. Just seek a dermatologist instead of becoming one. Advice from a dermatologist should not be ignored in case of severe acne. They can be treated with proper medication.

Using DIY Methods: Using DIYs like toothpaste, alcohol-based toners or even astringents that claim to ward off pimple will end up making your skin feel worst and can make pimple dry. This further can worse the situation and slow down the healing. However, if you still want to use toner, go for the salicylic acids-based toners or ask for suggestions from dermatologists.


Acnes happen because of various reasons, so know the cause first and then start treatments.