Things To Know Before Hiring An Asphalt Road Construction And Maintenance Service Provider

Asphalt is a material that is used to pave the most common roadways and pavements in the current decade. However, as simple as it may seem, asphalt is a complex material with several different types and variants based on its intended application. Deciding this requires experience and extensive training, making it essential to hire a trusted Asphalt road construction and maintenance service provider for your roads.

In this article, we will enumerate the top things to know before hiring a good Asphalt road construction and maintenance service provider firm. Let us start with the type of asphalt you should use.

Why should you Use Different Asphalt Types?

There is a large variety of asphalt products available in the market. The type that your Asphalt road construction and maintenance service provider should use depends on the road’s intended purpose, specifically the type of automobiles that run on its surface. With each type, we will include a short description and tell you where to use them.

  1. Porous Asphalt: Porous Asphalt is mainly used in driveways and parking lots due to its capability to let water percolate through to the topsoil layers. Usage of this kind of asphalt dates far back in history, for which an asphalt road construction and maintenance service provider must be exceptionally skilled in using porous asphalt layers for your road.
  2. Quiet Pavement: This type of asphalt paving is used for main roads and highways to prevent noise pollution caused by massive traffic plying on them regularly. The asphalt matrix is mixed and interspersed with stone, to absorb the vast quantities of sound generated on the surface.
  3. Perpetual Pavement: This kind of pavement is a must for paving projects where you need to do the job quickly, without disrupting traffic flow. It is a fast and efficient procedure of putting different layers of stone and other materials on top of each other, topping them off with an asphalt layer. It is ideal for repairing and refurbishing crowded highways where the volume of traffic is immense.
  4. Warm-mix asphalt: Asphalt mixed and produced at 50-100 degrees in Fahrenheit is eco-friendly due to low carbon emissions from the surface. Besides, applying the asphalt layer requires less fuel for melting the material beforehand.
  5. Thin overlays: Applying a thin overlay of asphalt is what most construction and maintenance service providers go for to pave narrow lanes and alleys with lightweight traffic. The asphalt layer is thin and may crack if heavy vehicles ply the streets regularly.

How to Decide on the Quality of Asphalt?

The quality of asphalt to be used by an asphalt road construction and maintenance service provider, depends on certification of the material after pre-requisite laboratory testing. Among the different factors kept in mind by researchers, the most important are seasonal changes and load variations. The specific heat capacity of the asphalt used depends largely on the climatic conditions in the area. The pavement layer must weather the extremes of heat and cold without generating cracks on the surface due to thermal expansion and contraction. The asphalt should also be capable of taking high amounts of load without buckling under pressure.

Some other important things to research on to hire a good Asphalt road construction and maintenance service provider, include:

  1. The authenticity of the materials used and their proper certification
  2. Warranty provided by the company
  3. Reliability and the experience of the service provider
  4. Affordability of the Paving Project
  5. Customer Reviews of the company’s work


Paving roads is an indispensable requirement for transport management in the 21st century. We hope that these few tips help you choose the right asphalt road construction and maintenance service provider for your specific needs.