Things To Know About – Gorilla Tag Mods

Gorilla tag is an MMORPG that combines the thrill of scavenger hunting with the fast-paced gameplay of a tag game. In the game, players battle to become tag champions by utilizing their primate avatars’ weapons. There are several types of mods for Gorilla tag. Using these Gorilla tag mods, players can change their gameplay experience in a wide variety of ways.

How to install

Gorilla Tag is one of the most highly-rated games on steam. It’s a fun sports game where you control Gorillas and swing them from platform to platform. It’s great for playing alone or with friends, and with the right mods, you can really maximize the game’s potential.

There are two main ways to install mods on Steam. One method is to download them from the GitHub repository. The other way is to use the Monke Mod Manager. This is the easiest way. Once you’ve downloaded the file, go to your Steam folder and extract it. From there, run the program to install it.

Next, you’ll want to choose the type of mods you want to install. For example, if you want to add custom gravity settings, you can use the screw gravity mod. This mod is not compatible with all versions of Gorilla Tag, so be sure to check the compatibility of your version

Texture packs mods

Gorilla Tag texture packs mods are designed to change the look of the game. These mods include rainy weather and interactive cosmetics. The rainy update includes interactive cosmetics like an umbrella, which can be opened by pressing the controller button. They also include the Gorilla Tag soundtrack.

Smooth Turn mod

Out of various types of Gorilla tag mods, mod like Smooth Turn is easy to use mod that makes it easier to control your movement in the game. Often, the controls in VR games are notoriously temperamental, so this modification is an ideal solution. With Smooth Turn, you can adjust gravity and speed to suit your own personal style.

If you’ve tried spawning gorillas in jungles and wanted to play a smoother turn, you’re in luck! Monke is a well-known YouTube and TikTok content creator and has developed a new smooth turn mod for Gorilla Tag. This mod lets you spawn gorillas in the jungle with a new spawn egg.

Monke mod

Monke mod for Gorilla tag is a custom map editor that allows users to install and play new maps for Gorilla Tag. The mod supports up to 25 fan-created levels and can be used on both PC and Quest. To install the mod, players need to download the Monke Mod Manager for PC and install it. Then, they can place their new maps in the Mods folder of the game, enable them in the interface, and update their game.

After installing the app, you can install the Quest Patcher. Make sure you install it on the same disk as your Gorilla Tag installation. Then, download the Monke Mod Manager from this link. After you install the app, it will detect the Gorilla Tag installation and will download the Monke for Gorilla Tag. Once it is installed, you can browse for additional maps by pressing the Browse button.


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