Things NOT to Do When You Divorce

Going through the process of divorce is never a smooth task. The person needs to go through various obstacles like financial, emotional, practical, legal, and many others. Due to the heat of the vulnerable moment, many married couples make common mistakes that need to be controlled by the proper suggestions of the divorce lawyer. Here are some of the things you should not do when you divorce.

Neglecting Your Kids

Make sure your kids are not neglected in this hard phase of life. Some couples get so involved in their divorce proceedings that they unintentionally create a distance from their little ones. As you go through the tough phase, your kids are also part of this change and require time to stabilize themselves. So, you must take time for your kids and make them feel loved.

Anger Should Not Control Your Decisions

You should not be in a rush while taking decisions out of anger. You are going to make big decisions in life about where you are going to live or how you are going to spend your money and time. So, be calm and think practically while taking the decision. You should take time to get legal advice and suggestions from trusted friends and family before you make the decision. New York City Divorce Lawyer will guide you through the entire process after you have decided in your cool head.

Never Expect to Get Everything

The divorce proceedings will demand to divide your assets and liabilities. So it is normal that you will not get everything that you want. All the decisions made by the court may not be in your favour. So be prepared for the compromises and never expect everything in your favour.

Never Use Kids As Pawns 

This is a very important factor and even worse than neglecting your kids. You should not turn your kids against the other parent and use them as pawns. These strategies may backfire in different ways in the future. Instead of improving your relationship with your kids, you will create a huge distance between you and your children. 

Do Not Forget Taxes

When you get custody of the kids, you get the house. But you should not forget about the taxes and mortgages. If you cannot afford the house’s upkeep, you can ask to divide the investment portfolios equally. When stocks are used, the newly purchased stocks are more demanding as they will cost you less in the taxes of the capital gains.


You should consult a divorce lawyer and seek advice before filing the divorce application. All your decisions should be taken practically and not depend on emotional trauma or anger. You should ensure that your children are not affected by your decision and should never be neglected. The children should also not be turned against the other parent and used as pawns.