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Social Ornament is a free online brand-new fashion source. 

Over the years, Social Ornament Magazine has set its own standard in UAE, Germany, and India. The fashion magazine in Dubai keeps the readers up to date about the latest fashion trends, best beauty tips, top celebrity ideas, and fashion accessories. 

Social Ornament Magazine is a free digital magazine that collaborates with models and clients from UAE, Germany, and India. So, the digital magazine is aware of the Western and Eastern fashion trends and accordingly delivers the most promising results possible. 

Social Ornament never disappoints the readers in sharing the best fashion and lifestyle-related ideas. Therefore, it updates people about the latest products and trends. SO magazine presents a variety of style options for the viewers so they can choose their path. 

The fashion magazine in Dubai loves to connect and work with photographers, new models, fashion designers, make-up artists, and brands. 

About Top Collaborators 

Social Ornament magazine finds pleasure in working with the top collaborators Worldwide. The top collaborators with Instagram handles are-

  • Model Asma ( insta handle: @model.asmaa1 ) is a Fashion model and traveler from Turkey and Jordan. She collaborated with projects internationally from UAE, Turkey, the Philippines, Munich, Italy, and more. 
  • @kolesnikova_aleksa_ is a fashion model. She is currently engaged in projects with the Alma de Amor brand. 
  • @liliya_dxb is a lifestyle blogger and fashion model from UAE and Dubai. She is accepting projects from Dubai, Minsk, Yekaterinburg, and Istanbul. 
  • Jhill Sharma (insta handle: @imjhill) prefers to recognize herself as an actress and fashion model from Maharashtra, India. 
  • @ewa_haas_stark is a fashion model and editor of the Ewa Haas Stark magazine. Among her remarkable achievements, she is also Miss 50 plus from Germany. 
  • Elaine Smith (@_elanesmith) is a Dubai-based fashion model and musician. She is also a female DJ and Singer. 

About Submission Guideline 

The fashion magazine in Dubai is an amazing opportunity for aspiring brands and models. 

Social Ornament online magazine gives the rising models a chance to advertise with them. They feature the brand image for 2 weeks straight with more audience reach daily. The featured image will get noticeable easily with complete details and promo links. 

On the Social Ornament Magazine website, the article banner of the clients can also be featured at reasonable pricing. The Article banner stays up to 1 week after publication with more audience from every article. There’s 1 promotional link and more people reach all at once. 

Paid Articles about the client’s business and website can also be published. Certain guidelines about the article publishing: Each article must be of 1K words, 2 permanent promo links, 3-5 business images, and permanently indexed. 

Social Ornament does provide Instagram promotion on their social media handle. Clients can advertise both for their business as well as for individual-based promotion. You can post up to 2 IG stories, 1 IG post, 1 Reel, and pinned posts for up to 3 days. 

For Editorial submissions, there must be at least a minimum of 5-6 images. Credit info should be accurate and free from errors. 

About Privacy Policy 

Social Ornament uses the personal data of the viewers for better service delivery. The personal data collected was agreed upon by the viewers and the use of such info works as per the privacy policy. The personal information collected can be used to contact or identify the viewers and deliver better services in the future. 

About Social Ornament Achievement 

The Social Ornament team respects talents and gets inspired by new unique stories. So, they approach aspiring models, fashion designers, makeup artists, and brands to publish in their digital magazine. 

Recently, SO magazine has reached over 1 million traffic on its website and social media handles. The Fashion magazine surpasses 200k + readers a month, therefore proves about the quality of engaging content published regularly. 

Learn trendy tips from famous fashion Designers of the Middle East or recreate celebrity hairstyles and beauty makeovers with this ultimate fashion guide. Tap here and directly visit the free online fashion magazine. 

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