The Top Christmas Video Games to Play This Year

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Christmas is a festivity that brings everyone together to enjoy, cheer and celebrate. However, digitalization has transformed the meaning of fun today. Now we prefer to utilize the online medium for everything whether it is playing video games, streaming movies, or other content during holidays. But the true joy of every online activity depends on how well your ISP is delivering internet services like those of CenturyLink.

If you are interested to spend your holiday playing online video games and looking for the best collection, you have landed on the right blog. We have precisely selected a couple of the finest online games you would love to play with your friends or family this Christmas. Sounds cool? Of course, it is. You can take it as a treat from us so that you have a wonderful time together with those who are valuable to you. 

So, let’s start discovering the top Christmas video games to play and enjoy!

Top Six Christmas Video Games for You  

Before rushing to check out the list of amazing Christmas-themed video games we would like to suggest you have a look at your current internet service. As we have mentioned above, no matter how incredible a video game you buy for Christmas, the overall experience relies on the quality of your internet connection. 

Therefore we are emphasizing the importance of having a robust internet solution. If you are doubtful about the performance of your internet connection, it is the right time to replace it with some other good options like CenturyLink Internet Deals. Plenty of other options are also available across the landscape of the United States that have shown tremendous performance during the peak time of year like Christmas. 

You can do little research work to find such ISPs to prevent yourself from experiencing potential issues while playing online video games. Hopefully, you have understood our point, now let’s go through the list we have brought for you below to find a couple of hit picks for you. 

Dead Rising 4 

This series is commonly known for its massive list of innovative and imaginative weapons that the contestant built or found to fight with zombies. The cold-hearted, dressed like Santa warriors use different explosives to attack the crowd of zombies. You will see weapons like candy can crossbows, Christmas lights, and barbed wire. Also, you will see a baseball bat outfit in the Dead Rising series. 

Terrifying, isn’t it? Obviously, it is. Who loves to watch zombies appear unannounced in a mall on Christmas Eve? No one for sure! Hitting and killing zombies is not the decent thing we love to watch on the holiday. Because Christmas is about love, gifts, food, sharing, fun, laughter, and of course shopping. 

But still, if you have some craving for action, horror, and thrill, this game is the perfect fit for you!

NBA JAM: On Fire Edition 

The second video game on our list is the NBA JAM: On Fire Edition. This game is for sports junkies who always keep basketball in their heads. The iconic video game series was introduced in 1993 since then it is one of the favorite video games of the nation. You will see Christmas cheer in the On Fire Edition lined up with elves and Santa as playable characters. 

It is the perfect fit for those who want to enjoy internationally praised video games because of its easy and fun gameplay coupled with the true spirit of Christmas. So, have the same sensation of NBA with Santa and his elves without going out in the snowy weather with your family or friends. 


The third pick is Overwatch which is the perfect blend of the spirit of the holiday and the real elements of the game. It is the seasonal expansion of the original video game where you will enjoy the winter wonderland with brawls including Mei’s Snowball Offensive and Yeti Hunter as well as snowy landscapes and festive character skins.

It is the simplest and most effective video game that will suit your gaming needs keeping the virtue of Christmas intact. So if you are obsessed with Christmas festive and want to feel the spirit in almost everything, this game is your pick. 

Hitman – Holiday Hoarders 

The fourth pick in our list is Hitman Holiday Hoarders which is the DLC expansion pack where you have to play the game agent 47. Here your mission will be to prevent two thieves in Paris from stealing Christmas presents. So, gear up yourself to try the Santa costume and take the charge of this mission. Let your spy soul get into business this Christmas! After all, it’s a matter of saving presents for Christmas. 

Batman: Arkham Origins 

Are you a fan of the Batman series? Have you ever tried the costume of Batman on Halloween? If yes, then this game is for you. The fifth video game on our list for Christmas-themed games is Batman: Arkham Origins. Here you have become a Batman to patrol Arkham as well as Gotham City during Christmas. 

Being in Arkham and Gotham means ultimate danger or risk for life. But worry not because you are the Batman, the savior of two cities. The Arkham Origin edition has snowy cityscapes with holiday decorations. Even the henchmen you encounter will be wearing Christmas-themed outfits. After all, they also have to enjoy the festive season with cheer and some stolen presents. 

Call of Duty: Snowball Fight 

Last but not least in our list of video games comes Call of Duty: Snowball Fight. In this edition, the modern warfare team has planned to stop the ferocity amidst the holiday season. For this mission, the team arranged a lighthearted snowball fight. Christmas is not about violence then why do the teams in Call of Duty get into such business?

You will see teams competing using snowballs to knock the opponent down rather than throwing explosives or guns. It’s a fun game that you will love to play with your family and friends. 

In a Nutshell 

The video games we have presented above are just a few but there are plenty of options available on the market. However, whatever video game you choose, make sure it doesn’t ruin the spirit of Christmas festive. Try to spend more time with your family by teaming up with them for online game competitions or by watching Christmas classic movies. 

Don’t forget to fix any issues in your internet connection before the holiday season hits the town. For instance, if you are unable to overcome unsatisfactory internet performance, you better switch to some other high-coverage internet plans like CenturyLink Internet Plans

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