The Three Most Important Elements Of A Successful Podcast

The 3 Things You Need To Get Right If You Want Your Podcast To Be Successful

The Important Podcast Features You Need To Truly Impress Your Audience

Secret To Success: 3 Podcast Elements You Need To Make An Impact

Description – Find out about the most important factors of a podcast you need to get right in order to stand out from the crowd and truly make an impact on your audience.

 There isn’t a known formula for making a guaranteed successful podcast. However, there are some really important elements that, if you get them right, could make your podcast really stand out from the crowd and get you many more of those 15 million+ UK podcast listeners.

If you’re a budding podcaster and you want to create something that is truly exceptional, make sure you have these 3 elements of your podcasts spot on:

There Is A USP/ Niche

When you are starting out your podcast it can be easy to think about serving as many people as possible, so you have the best possible chance of growing a big audience. However, without the appeal of celebrity or other reasons that you might get a broad audience, you need a USP or a niche so that you stand out.

By having a niche carved out you can easily define what your show message is and who your audience is. You can also stand out from other podcasts already out there so people have a reason to add you to their regular listening list.

Once you have your niche carved out it is important to ensure that your podcast always sticks to that niche overall. Sure, you will digress and there will be some movement away from that niche at times, but overall the theme, concept or structure should be maintained to ensure that the people who find you because of your niche have a reason to stick around.

You’re Posting Regular Content

Regular content is important in social media so that people know when they can expect a fresh piece of content, and podcasts are no different. That sense of regularity and what can be expected week on week is important.

Even better is consistently mentioning when your scheduled content is due to come out next so that your listeners will know when to expect your next episode in their inbox.

This scheduling also allows you to create content well in advance, so you have wiggle room in your own schedule because episodes are being posted whilst you are creating new recordings.

The only thing to be careful of with this kind of scheduling is planning so far in advance you are not relevant. This can happen if your show is quite topical. You record a podcast two months in advance and by the time it goes out, you have referenced old news or there are bigger stories people care about.

As a golden rule, it doesn’t require you to make references to anything in the news then it could be a good idea to avoid doing that so that your podcasts are more timeless overall.

It’s True

One of the most important aspects of a podcast is one that is true and authentic. You can offer a fantastic English voice over, great content, a fabulous theme – but if you aren’t being authentic you won’t make a real connection with your listeners.

This authenticity may not occur if you don’t truly connect with your niche. For example; perhaps you chose a niche to standout but it isn’t something you’re passionate about. Maybe you are struggling to open up on the podcast when listeners respond to vulnerability and openness. It could be that your tone of voice isn’t coming through in your English voice over, so even though you yourself are authentic, your voice isn’t communicating that all too well. This talk has some really helpful tips to help you speak confidently and clearly without prior planning. You could also use tricks like being more expressive with your face to boost how your voice sounds, something that voice actors in animated films do.

“To practise any art, no matter how badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Creating a podcast is something that takes a lot of creativity, planning, effort and market know-how. With the elements we mentioned above in place and a great podcast hosting platform like Libsyn, you stand the best chance of getting more subscriptions and making a real impact with your episodes.