The Six Stages of the UX Design Process

As a UX designer, you are all about the finished product. You also know that if you follow your process intently, it will not just earn you the respect of your colleagues, but it will also give you an intuitive and pleasurable experience and the satisfaction of a job well done. Of course, there are at least six stages involved in the UX design process, and you want to do each and every one of them well. How do you go about doing that? Here is some analysis:


The first stage is to simply seek to fully understand your undertaking. Preparation is always important, and the best analogy is that if you are seeking to chop down a tree you will also need to spend a significant amount of time sharpening the ax as well. The same analogy holds true for UX design, and having a thorough understanding of the basics means that you will plan for such crucial elements as your user and your brand. When it comes to your user, you need to ask yourself the following question: “What’s their problem?”

Do Your Research

After you have fully determined what your core mission is and know what questions you need to solve, now it’s time to conduct your research.

With design system software, research is going to be the lifeblood of your UX design project. If you do this portion correctly, it will lay the foundation and infrastructure for the rest of your project. Furthermore, part of the reason why you will want user research is that it will challenge all of your assumptions, and that is the MAIN PURPOSE of UX research. Some of the best methods for user research would include interviews, focus groups, surveys, and usability testing.

Perform Analysis

The next step would be performing analysis, which means coming to a thorough understanding of your audience. Doing such things as understanding your audience’s goals, background, gender, age, behaviors, and spending habits will go a long way toward a solid UX design. You can accomplish this step by creating a user journey map, which is another topic all to itself.

Craft Your Design

Building out your design is the next step in your UX project, and you will need to build things such as the site map, mockups, icons, images, user flow, and images. The most important things you can create at this stage would be items such as the wireframe and other prototypes.


Now it is time to launch your project. The best metaphor for this step is that it is kind of like waiting while your significant other goes into labor. You’re going to be nervous and have a lot of trepidation, simply because you will be concerned not only about your partner, but also the health of the baby. It is the same as with your project. However, much of this nervousness can be avoided simply by engaging in user testing, internal testing, and doing a beta launch.

Perform Analysis Once Again

The final step is to analyze the project yet again. In this concluding step, you are looking to determine what went well and what room there is for improvement.

Of course, when you take all of these steps together, you will have the building blocks for a solid UX design experience.


Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.