The Side Effects of Dyeing Your Hair

Who doesn’t want their hair to look gorgeous in beautiful shades of auburn and mahogany? There’s no denying that dyeing your hair can give you a complete makeover.Whether you want to experiment with your looks or cover the grays, dyeing your hair might solve all your problems. 

But have you ever thought about the serious problems that come with hair coloring? When you see celebrities and influencers getting their hair colored, you might think it is one of the coolest things to do. However, if you get to know about the negative effects of those chemicals present in hair dyes, you’ll stop using them right away. 

The purpose of this article is to prevent you from using toxic and damaging chemicals on your hair. Continue reading to discover the harmful side effects of these chemical-based hair dyes and some alternatives you can use.

  1. Hair Damage

When you first dye your hair, you might need to do it more often in order to maintain the color. And if you dye your hair often, the chemicals present in them will strip the moisture, and your hair will lose luster. rizzy, unhealthy, and dull. 

However, in order to get rid of the damaged hair, you might have to compromise on your length. A haircut is the only solution to it. 

  1. Hair Loss

Do you know that ammonia, which is present in dyes, serves the purpose of breaking through the hair cuticle?

Besides that, the harsh chemicals in these hair dyes can weaken your hair and suck out the moisture from the scalp, damaging the hair from its roots.

According to research, most people face hair fall problems after getting their hair colored. Who would want to damage their hair so badly just to change their look for a few days? 

  1. Allergic Reactions

Saying ‘NO’ to hair dyes is better than risking severe allergies. Paraphenylenediamine, a common allergen present in hair dyes, makes it usual for you to face serious allergic reactions. Especially, people with eczema and psoriasis should avoid using hair dyes. 

In other cases, these dyes can lead to an itchy scalp, redness, burning, flaky skin, and discomfort. It is better to do a patch test 48 hours before coloring your hair. See a dermatologist in case of swelling or itchiness.

  1. Respiratory Problems

Do you know that persulfates present in hair dyes lead to asthma and other respiratory problems? It’s high time that you realize how harmful these chemical-based hair dyes can be, and it is better to opt for natural alternatives. 

Many hairstylists get skin allergies and asthma due to higher exposure to hair colors. The chemicals in dyes release toxic fumes, which lead to respiratory diseases like coughing, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, tightening of the chest, asthma, etc. 

  1. Effects on Fertility

Lead acetate is yet another dangerous ingredient used in hair dyes which might lead to some serious problems. It might affect your fertility or pregnancy. According to researchers, this chemical might cause fertility problems in men and women. However, it is still not known. But why take the risk? 

Pregnant women should highly refrain from using hair dyes to avoid any issues. Hair dyes and the chemicals present in them can be very dangerous for pregnant women as it might cause malignancy in their unborn child.

  1. Conjunctivitis 

In most cases, you can’t prevent the dye from touching your face while coloring your hair. Please take precautions before dying your hair as it might cause skin and eye infections. If the chemicals in dyes make contact with your eyes, it can lead to conjunctivitis, inflammation, itchiness, or severe discomfort. 

  1. Cancer

It might sound incredulous, but some ingredients used in hair dyes might increase the chances of cancer. But it is not confirmed. When permanent hair dyes were introduced, they came with cancer-causing compounds. But later on, the chemicals were replaced. More research and studies are required to claim whether hair dyes cause cancer or not. 

We take it very lightly and color our hair without doing any research about the side effects of hair dye. It might not cause cancer or fertility issues, but it still leads to many diseases and problems. 

  1. Maintenance 

It is not a side effect of dying your hair, but upkeep can be heavy on your pockets.Many people don’t realize how much goes into maintenance. 

From rushing back to the salon every month for touch-ups to purchasing specially formulated products for your hair, it can cost a lot of money and damage your hair beyond repair. If you fail in taking extra care after dying, your hair will be nothing but unhealthy and damaged. 

Natural Alternatives

Don’t worry! You can avoid those harmful chemical-based hair dyes and still experiment with your looks & cover your gray hair. Using natural alternatives is the solution to prevent any side effects of hair coloring. 

  • Coffee or tea can be very useful if you want to go a shade or two darker and color your grays. 
  • Henna is one the most common and effective natural dyes and has been used for centuries to dye your hair.
  • Carrot and beet juice can give you the right shade or reddish/orange.
  • Want to go lighter? Try lemon.
  • Chamomile tea is yet another natural alternative if you want to lighten your hair.
  • Sage will allow you to cover your grays and enhance your dark hair perfectly.

So, there you have it! We hope this was an eye-opener for you so that you can avoid using traditional hair dyes for coloring your hair. Go for natural alternatives to prevent any harmful disease and health problems. 

Bhargav Patel

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