The Role and responsibilities of a carpenter. 

Carpenter Role: 

The carpenter plays a major role in the construction of a building. It is he who designs, manufactures and installs the supporting elements of a building. He is able to build the framework of different types of buildings: houses, schools, shops, factories, buildings, agricultural sheds, chalets, public shelter. This article describes all the facets of this fascinating profession. So take a few moments to read it to the end. Also, get in touch with the Carpenter Maynooth for getting consultation and services. 

What work does the carpenter do?

From the plans provided by the architect, this building professional draws the outline, which, by definition, is the full-scale frame. With the advancement of technology, he can perform computer-aided drawings and calculations via specialized software in order to better design his plans.

Once this first step is completed, he will have to choose the type of wood best suited to the characteristics of the building. Many criteria will then be evaluated such as hardness, density, resistance and origin of the material.

He then shapes the wood in the workshop. To do this, he uses his geometric and mathematical knowledge to ensure that each element fits harmoniously with the whole roof. It also has at its disposal many equipment such as the jointer, the planer, the saws, the cutter-saw, the shears, the guillotine, the punching machine and the flame-cutting machine.

After the design phase in the workshop, the carpenter then goes to the site to assemble and assemble the machined elements. He climbs on ladders or scaffolding and firmly fixes all the elements (purlins, trusses, beams, rafters, posts) which will serve as support for the joinery and the roof of the building. Equipped with complete equipment (plumb line, decameter, level), it traces the marks of the fixing points.

The qualities of the carpenter

The first quality of the carpenter is, without doubt, precision. Whether in the workshop or on the site, this professional works with great thoroughness. The dimensions and shape of the parts that will make up the frame must be respected to the nearest millimeters, the same for the installation.

The second quality is endurance, as well as physical condition. During his work, this craftsman is often required to carry heavy loads. The third quality is the sense of listening and relational ease. A carpenter worthy of the name must be able to communicate with different trades in order to facilitate the organization and progress of the site. Finally, this professional must also have a good concentration, discipline and rigor to be able to accomplish his work correctly and efficiently.

A versatile craftsman:

A Carpenter Celbridge does not only work with wood. Always on the lookout for the latest innovations in the construction industry, he knows how to handle different materials such as metal, aluminum, glass and PVC. He is also responsible for laying the floors, stairs and half-timbering. Working mainly on new construction sites, he can assemble or restore the framework of old buildings.

The construction industry has taken a big turn with the advent of eco-construction. For information, this term designates the installation of a construction ensuring comfort, health and energy saving. The principle of eco-construction is to make the best use of natural and local resources in order to preserve the environment. Versatile, the carpenter participates in sustainable development by designing and building “energy-efficient” frames. Its objective is to design a waterproof frame offering good thermal and acoustic insulation. To do this, he uses wood species that have not been subjected to any treatment whatsoever.

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Carpenter Responsibilities:

The duties of a carpenter can vary depending on where they work. He can, for example, work to build load-bearing structures, implement the installation of plasterboard and insulation. Much of the work of the carpenter is carried out independently, but on a larger construction site he is forced to collaborate with other professionals and colleagues.

What are the career prospects for carpenters?

The labor market for carpenters is estimated to be moderate in the long and short term. At the moment, the trade of carpenter is popular and many are being trained in their region, which increases the competition.

If as a carpenter you want to increase your chances of getting a job or taking on new tasks, you need to consider a continuing education path. Keep in mind that there are new laws and regulations relating to the construction industry which therefore directly affect you; This requires you to refresh your qualifications and skills throughout your professional career.