The Reasons Why Live Edge Tables Are So Popular

When building a contemporary dining room or contemporary living room, live edge dining tablesare hard to ignore.

The curve of the edge has an impact on what “living edge” means. The edge of this kind of furniture is sculpted while maintaining the edge’s natural look by carefully removing bark. The furniture still has a rustic appearance, and knots are filled in to cover up any uneven surfaces. This provides the product with a uniform appearance. Offices are where live edge furniture is in the highest demand. Each piece of live edge furniture is given a distinctive design appearance by craftsmen. It emphasizes the recycled wood slab’s organic features.

Natural wood still has a significant presence in the business world today. The recycling and upcycling movements are promoting the wood design craze. For instance, commercial and residential interiors both employ rough-sawn barn doors. Natural wood is a type of substance that ties us to the outdoors. Another relevant illustration is the resurgence of interest in wood and its material characteristics.

Top Reasons to Buy Live Edge Tables or Epoxy Tables for Sale

Leave a Lasting Impression

Without a doubt, live edge furniture makes a strong impression on guests and presents your business in a unique way. Live Edge furniture has an impressive appearance that makes sense.

Designing with Beauty

The use of recycled materials significantly supports trendy biophilic, mid-century, and modern design trends. For a real experience of distinctive design in the present, live edge is the best option.

How To Choose The Ideal Live Edge Wood Slabs

We can assist you in selecting the best and most suitable wood slab type. We can also assist you in locating the special slab that meets your needs. You will also need to provide evidence for some claims, such as how the furniture will be utilized. Another crucial factor to take into account is the type of wood species since it has an impact on the project’s overall attractiveness.


Oak is the ideal option to look for when you are seeking a live edge dining table for sale. Red oak is the most common kind of oak. Although, oak wood is extremely durable, is also cost-effective. Because of the straight grain of this wood, it is simple to cut and glue these items together.

Black Cherry

This wood has a reddish-brown hue and a mixed-curly and straight-grain pattern. With exposure to sunshine, the wood’s color darkens. So, in this instance, caution is required. Live edge tables constructed of this wood are more suited for inside settings like offices than for outdoor use.

Black Walnut

Walnut is a high-end material that is frequently used to make firearms. Straight wood grain and a rich, lustrous appearance. However, there are still certain restrictions regarding its accessibility. In comparison to other trees, walnut trees produce less material. This has a significant impact on the project and the material requirements for a live edge table. It is also fairly pricey.

Choosing The Basic Design

Choosing the base design of a dining room live edge table is the following stage in the procedure. The finest in this are metal bases with natural metal finishes. For the greatest live edge table, metal bases can be powder-coated in the usual colors.

Manufacturing Process Of Live Edge Furniture

The first stage in the production of a live edge table or other piece of live edge furniture is to get in touch with and work with timber suppliers. To ascertain whether the raw timber will work and meet the requirements, you must examine it. What sort of furniture may be constructed depends largely on the particular piece of lumber. For instance, if the table is long or short.

Raw timber may have a significant amount of moisture. Since the material that has just been cut or that has been stored in a humid environment includes moisture. Consequently, wood needs to be cured before use. Kiln drying is the method used to dry wood.

To produce clean output, it is crucial to follow certain steps. Before getting a result, it is necessary to remove undesired materials, cure fungus, and get rid of burrowing worms and termites. We hope the information in this post will help you choose the best quality live edge coffee table for your home or office.