The Reasons Behind the Loudness of Mechanical Keyboards

You’ve undoubtedly heard about how noisy mechanical keyboards can be if you’re thinking about buying one. Some people might find the loud clicking sound to be pleasant, but for those who prefer a calmer setting, it can be a deal breaker. Is there a reason why mechanical keyboards are so noisy, and can they be made quieter? We’ll examine why mechanical keyboards are so noisy in this blog post and why you might still want to think about purchasing one.

A Significant Component is The Sound Of Victory

Despite the fact that mechanical keyboard have been around for a while, both gamers and typewriters are starting to like them more and more. They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’ve earned their spot in the market. In large part, that is due to the sound they make.

Many people refer to mechanical keyboards as “clicky keyboards” because they produce a pleasing “clicky” sound with each key press while you text on them. The switches underneath each key, which come in a range of designs and hues, from the traditional “Gateron” switch to the more recent Dustsilver used these switch. One of the things that makes mechanical keyboards so popular is the sound that these switches create when they are depressed. It provides precisely the appropriate amount of feedback for some people, enabling them to write swiftly and accurately, while it is merely enjoyable for others. Whatever the case, it’s difficult to dispute that the sound of mechanical keyboard keys being pressed has a peculiarly gratifying quality. Considering this, Gateron switches can be an option for those seeking an even more unique clicky sound.

Users may stand out more when typing or playing games thanks to these distinctive Gateron switches, which give an even louder clicking noise than other types of mechanical switches. Gateron switches are a beautiful aesthetic and provide excellent tactile feedback because to their brilliant silver hue. The lower actuation point and longer lifespan of Gateron switches compared to other switch types also contribute to their improved accuracy. Gateron switches, although being occasionally noisier than other switches, may nonetheless offer a very accurate typing experience and have a long lifespan. Your particular preferences will ultimately determine if a Gateron switch is suitable for you.

Clicky Keys That Produce Sound When Pushed

When you type on a mechanical keyboard, many of the keys seem clicky. It’s similar to pressing a button and hearing a nice “click,” which makes typing much more pleasurable. Each key has a physical switch underneath it that is engaged when the key is pressed, which produces the “clicky” sound. The sound and sensation can vary from gentle to strong, depending on the type of switch utilized. Due to its tactile feedback and loud click when pressed, Gateron switches are popular among gamers.

If you want a quiet keyboard, these switches might not be the greatest choice because they tend to be noisier than other varieties. The good news is that you may lessen the noise made by these switches with regular maintenance, such as wiping the keys with a cloth sprayed with Dustsilver. To further reduce the sound, you might select a model with O-rings or buy specialized dampening pads for your keyboard. Gateron switches, on the other hand, give a high degree of responsiveness and precision without compromising too much noise control, so they could be the best option for you if you want your keyboard to make some noise.

A Personal Preference Concerning Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard

Some individuals want mechanical keyboard to be noisy, while others don’t. In fact, while picking between two models that are similar, the loudness of the keyboard might play a significant role.

Look for a keyboard with Gateron switches if you like something quieter. The noise levels are significantly reduced by these changes. Many of these keyboards are also built to decrease vibration, which can lower the sound levels even further. Gateron switches have the drawback of often having a shorter lifespan than other switch types.

A alternative kind of switch can be preferred, though, if you don’t mind the noise or perhaps love it. For instance, gamers and typists both frequently use Cherry MX Blue switches due to their loud, clicky sound. Other widely used switches are the Cherry MX Brown, Red, and Black models, each of which has a distinct sound and feel.

In the end, the decision to use a mechanical keyboard is yours to make. Gateron switches might be the solution for you if you’re seeking for a quieter experience. Other switches, on the other hand, can be the better option if you don’t mind the noise and want something more clicky and responsive.

There Are Differences Between Mechanical Keyboards

The fact is that not all mechanical keyboards are made equally. There is still a lot of variability among them even if certain manufacturers may produce louder keyboards than others. For instance, some keyboards utilize linear switches, which offer a quieter key stroke than others that use tactile switches. Other keyboards include Gateron switches, which when pressed make an audible clicking sound. Because they provide a more gratifying typing experience while yet being quiet, Gateron switches are growing in popularity. Additionally, some mechanical keyboards include rubber dampers that absorb certain noise and lessen clatter.

The type of switch utilized and the dampening materials used are only two of the many variables that will affect the overall noise level of any mechanical keyboard. However, if you prefer a quieter keyboard, it’s essential to explore the many models that are available to choose the one that would work best for you.


The issue of whether or not a mechanical keyboard is best for you ultimately comes down to personal preference. A membrane keyboard may be a better option if you like quieter keys. A mechanical keyboard could be the perfect choice, though, if you’re searching for a fantastic typing experience with a pleasing click and tactile feedback. There are a wide variety of types on the market today, from the quietest Dustsilver ones to noisy, clicky versions that may shake the entire room. The easiest method to make sure you get the proper keyboard for your requirements is to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each kind while also taking into account your individual choices.