The Perfect Collaboration Tool For Small Team Collaboration- AirSend

If you are a small business, which has been negatively impacted because of the pandemic, you would be looking for ways to promote efficiency. Small businesses too have multiple employees in different locations that have been working remotely due to the lockdown.

However, as a business owner, ensuring that levels of productivity are maintained, clients get catered to and work gets delivered requires active small team collaboration and coordination. This is why the past few months have seen a sharp increase in collaboration tools or remote working tools for small businesses. 

While small businesses cannot afford to work with the likes of Microsoft, Cisco and others, just because they are simply too expensive and complicated, there are several different options in the market now. 

In this article, we are going to look at one of the most credible and functional ones- AirSend. 

However, we found that even after normal businesses resume daily operations, AirSend can be a great way at project monitoring. 

As we already know, there are specific communication tools like Skype and Cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Any business would require multiple tools to effectively carry out its daily tasks and operations. With AirSend, you can practically merge many different features and functions. This allows you to use just one platform for all your needs.

AirSend is a project management and collaborative tool. This means that you can create separate communication rooms or ‘Channels’ as AirSend would like to call it. 

Every channel can be used as a separate Worksheet. You can add the employees on the project, set up tasks, and ensure small team collaboration is being maintained by everyone on the Channel. 

Every Channel or Work Sheet that are set to public channels will have a public sharing link. Users can simply check off the public channel when creating a channel, which can be shared with people to join and start working alongside. 

The tool is available as an app on all three operating systems- Windows, Apple OS, and Linux. The user interface is simple and can be understood by people who are not too technically proficient. 

  1. Voice and Video Calls- 

Anyone who has tried restructuring their business during the pandemic period would know exactly the problems on the communication front. Talking to twenty or thirty employees on calls means that as an owner, you are losing half your day. 

Thankfully, AirSend realized that this was a major worry for business owners and integrated both voice and video calls. This means that you can directly work on the platform, have live status updates, and promote small team collaboration while being on a video call with all the team members. 

     2. Cloud Storage Solutions- 

Every business regardless of its size needs to use data and let it be accessible to the different stakeholders. Depending on the subscription you are opting for, AirSend will allow you to use its inbuilt cloud storage solutions for easy storing and accessibility of files. 

While the Free Version does not look very appealing on this front, the other two plans offer great storage. The attachment folder on the app stores all the files. Anyone who has access to the channel can access the files. 

     3. Channel Wiki- 

Right off the bat, this is not the Wikipedia we know. This is more like a note edit feature, which grew on me, the more I started using it. Initially, I felt that this is a bit too gimmicky, but later on, started realizing that this is quite a useful thing to have on a collaboration tool. 

You can create rules about the project, set timelines, and also share the project brief. Besides, setting reminders is also possible with the Channel Wiki notes. The edit functions and the interface will immediately remind you of a certain MS Word. That is quite good, according to me. 

There are three different Pricing Plans for AirSend. You have the Free Version, which is good to get yourself familiar with the tool before you invest in a paid one. 

Then you have one plan, the Pro Plan, which is at $4 Per User. This entitles you to 100 GB of file storage, limiting 25 GB to each user. There is no file size restriction on the Pro Plan. 

The topmost plan, also known as the Business, is what I feel is the best one. At $99, you get 2TB and 50 GB per user space. This is great value for money, and with all the updates and extra features, AirSend seems to be throwing your way, you will have a lot of fun. 

Rather than look at it as a cost, small businesses should see a collaboration tool (AirSend) as an investment. Not only will AirSend improve efficiency and productivity by leaps and bounds, but it can also be a very good start for small businesses, who are looking to adopt technology going forward. 

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