The perfect bag for the career woman

The modern woman who stops at nothing and aims to improve her working position cannot fail to sport a strong and determined look. Smart jacket or coat, straight trousers or knee-length skirt, blouse or simple t-shirt, pumps or trainers are all possible choices, which, to look their best, must be complemented with a must-have accessory: the woman’s handbag.

The right handbag can totally transform the work or office look, making it now more elegant and formal, now more aggressive, now more youthful and sportier. To make an impression, you could, for instance, go for one of the many Versace luxury bags for women, characterized by sophisticated designs and attention to detail.

From small handbags to roomy tote bags, let’s see below which bag to choose to best complete a business woman’s outfit.

The tote bag

Roomy and bold, the tote bag is not only the ideal bag to carry during shopping sessions but is also perfect to complete an office look or, in general, a work look. In this case, it is best to focus on designer models that are sophisticated and characterized by unique and unmistakable designs.

Enthusiasts of the genre can find a wide range of models, ideal for finishing any look and emphasizing any style.

The woman who loves classic style and does not renounce the high heel can choose an elegant quilted or croc-effect model with rounded shapes, in black and gold. To add an extra touch to her style, she can opt for a fuchsia handbag, trending color of the new season.

Those who choose a more personal office attire and wish to play on a clever formal-casual mix can opt for a square tote bag, either plain or embellished with original lettering or patterns.

The shoulder or the crossbody bag

A must-have that no women can give up, classic shoulder or crossbody bags are perfect for any occasion. Large and roomy, ideal for office days, or small and precious, perfect for business dinners, they can become the real stars of the most sought-after outfits. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to choose them very carefully.

Depending on the situations and the effect you want to achieve, you can opt for a model that, in hue and style, recalls the chosen clothes and other accessories or, on the contrary, creates a pleasant contrast.

The messenger bag and the briefcase

Those who need to carry documents and books with them can opt for a functional messenger bag or a capacious briefcase, even in a men’s version.

These bags, capable of combining style and functionality, are perfect for carrying everything you need to do your work to the best of your ability and to spend all day away from home.

Available in both classic and casual styles, they can be chosen to complete any work or office look.