The Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan presents “Mundo”, his most personal album, with unique content for his fans

Mexican rapper – At just 22 years old, Ángel Jair Quezada, who goes by the Santa Fe Klan, is one of the most exciting acts in the Mexican hip-hop scene. The rapper has been part of the culture since he was very young, beginning to rehearse his rhymes and produce his own songs in a makeshift studio in the Santa Fe neighborhood in the city of Guanajuato. Ángel blazed a trail with his unique style and flow, as an original lyricist and accordion player, and a deep love for the roots of Mexican music.

Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan
Mexican rapper

Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan

The Santa Fe Klan project began with Seguimos Radicando in 2017, reaching fame with Bendecido, an ode of thanks to his rising career. It was followed by an experimentation towards the rhythm of cumbia with Santa Cumbia, an album in which he returns to his sonidero roots in the neighborhood and shows his talent on the accordion.

Ángel has become an essential collaborator in the Mexican hip-hop scene, accompanying rappers such as Gera MX, Aleman, and Lefty Sm with his unmistakable voice, forming an essential part of the track “Grandes Ligas” alongside Lupillo Rivera, Snoop Dogg, and B-Real, and adding Neto Peña and Yoss Bones in the hit “I must understand”.

Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric, growing their listeners on Spotify by 260% in just two years to reach 8.6 million monthly listeners.

It was recently included with the song “Soy” on the first installment of the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack. He is now releasing his most personal album, Mundo, and Spotify is offering his fans a closer look at what inspired him to write the songs. Among these stand out “Luka”, a song that he wrote shortly before the arrival of his first child with his partner, the model Maya Nazor, and other songs that he dedicated to his family.

For the Record spoke with Ángel to learn more about this album and his way of experimenting with Mexican music, cumbia, and hip hop.

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What does Mundo mean to you, an album in which you share very personal stories with your fans?

For me Mundo means a process of life and death. Fans diving into this album will get to know me a little more. They will find all my problems, all my thoughts, and feelings. Some stories are mine, others from my mom, my dad, my team.

“Luka” is the single that most defines this album and I can say that I wrote it with my heart. Now with all the success the Santa Fe Klan is having, going on tour is hard because I don’t like being away from my family. There are many feelings at the same time but that connection is something that inspires me when I am alone and I miss my neighborhood, my boss, my boss, my child.

For a long time you have experimented with other genres apart from hip hop like cumbia, what is different in the sound of this album?

You are going to find an experimentation of rare songs because I really don’t know what genre they are. I have always liked to mix sounds, not because it is now a trend. I like to play the accordion and it’s something I’ve been doing in my shows for a long time. About four years ago I dared to do cumbias and I wasn’t sorry. It is what I am. I’ve always liked Chalino Sánchez’s corridos, Celso Piña’s northern cumbia, or banda ones like El Recodo. In this album I make a song with Reik. So I imagine that one day I will need several trucks on tour to give shows of rap, norteño, cumbia, or whatever they ask me for.

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What was the song you most enjoyed doing for this album?

I like “Mar y Tierra” because it is a song that talks about how I have had to walk in different directions. It’s about an impossible love and the many mistakes I had to go through to find what I wanted so badly.

What does it mean that they included a song of yours in the soundtrack of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

It is a lot of weight. Later, to write the song I spoke with the Marvel team about the history of the film and the connection with the culture of Mexico. That’s when I realized that I had to write something so that the people of Mexico remember where we come from and who we are. It’s very exciting to do things this big. I feel very proud to represent Mexico around the world.