The Main Benefits of Webinar Marketing 

There are many forms of online marketing when it comes toecommerce. Foremost amongthem is probably promoting your brand through a top-class ecommerce site and a series of marketing tools, such as social media posts and videos, which are spread far and wide around the internet and thereby – hopefully – drawing people to your site. Furthermore, to truly optimize your marketing strategy, it is best to be truly diverse in your forms of marketing and pay attention to SEO.This is all on top ofensuring the content on your ecommerce site can be individually located through search engines.

WMV Productions, an online video marketing service, advise that video marketing – when it is done right – is probably the most effectiveform of online brand marketing. This is because videos can take many forms and can be tailored to both B2B and B2C marketing. Of course, just because a video garners interestdoes not mean that it is watched to the very end, or even properly understood.

Enter Webinar Marketing

One form of marketing that is closely related to videos and whichhas the potential to deal with the problem of viewers not watching to the end is webinar marketing. The reason is that a webinar is an interactive experience. Once you have attracted attendees, they are almost certain to stay until the end, simply because they are interacting throughout the webinar and are having a “live” experience.

Of course, attending a webinar is not the same thing as clicking on a video, and it rather demands a little more commitment. Accordingly, webinars are rarely loosely dispersed far and wide in the hope of attracting attendees. Instead, they are precision targeted towards the target audience of a brand, offering them a chance to learn more. This is the tricky part, but once attendees have been attracted, the webinar host has a captive audience – or as close to a captive audience as one can get in the internet world.

Further Benefits of Webinar Marketing

If you are thinking about getting into webinar marketing, it might be worth setting out the reasons why that extra effort in targeting an audience will ultimately prove more than worth it.

A Large Event Audience

Compared to simply video or social media marketing, webinar marketing of course needs to target a more specific subset. However, it still offers the chance to reach out to a massive geographically dispersed audience in a way that traditional brand “events” in physical locations cannot. Compared to a simple video commercial, webinars might reach less peoplebut compared to real world brand events, the net can be cast much wider.

You Can Boost Brand Identification

As mentioned, the attendees of any particular webinar can be considered a temporarily captive audience. This not only allows you to show off your product or service more fully, but also to really reinforce brand awareness and identification. Webinar attendees will be exposed to your brand identity repeatedly throughout the webinar.

You Can Garner New Leads

When someone signs up for your webinar, there is normally some type of registration involved. There is a purely practical need for this – you need to have an idea of the numbers.Nevertheless, it also gives you achance to collect email addresses and names (at least) which, as we all know, is invaluable data for marketing.

Ultimately, there are many reasons to host a webinar. However, given all the manifest marketing benefits, it’s best not to abuse the form and use it purely for this purpose. The best webinars are ultimately the ones that genuinely inform the attendees about what they have expressed an interest in.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.