The low-down on ring resizing

We’ve all had problems with rings – sometimes they’re too small, sometimes they’re too big.

Luckily ring resizing is an option! This is the process which allows you to change your ring size so that it fits your fingers perfectly. Many jewellers offer this option and it is indeed very convenient.

Sometimes, however, things don’t go to plan and not all types of rings can be resized.

This article offers an explanation for how ring resizing works and when it may not be such a good idea.

Process of Ring Resizing

Depending on the type of metal of your ring, resizing can be a very simple process.

Larger ring size: The jeweller will cut the ring and spread it as much as needed. Then they will add a new piece of metal to fill the gap and solder it.

Smaller ring size: The jeweller will cut a piece of the ring out and then solder it back together, making it smaller.

Some materials are harder to work with than others – for example, platinum. This metal is very brittle and hard to work with so sometimes it can break or have other damage.

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Ring with extra piece on the band – means the size was increased.

Which rings cannot be resized?

There are some situations where ring resizing is impossible, such as:

  • Two sizes: If you need to resize your ring two sizes up or down it will be a really tough job – your ring will be damaged due to the new stress.
  • Titanium: Like in Sia’s song, titanium is a very strong material and cannot be resized.
  • Channel setting: Rings with this setting can’t be resized without inflicting damage to the band or the gemstones.
  • Prong setting: During ring resizing the gems must be taken out. With a prong setting that is made very easy whereas any other setting could damage the gems (unless they’re diamond).

In these cases, you would be better off melting your ring down and creating another ring other another piece of jewellery. (If your ring is platinum, however, you can’t melt it.)

Ring resizing; Yay or nay?

All rings that go through the resizing process will be less durable than before because the band will be weakened.

Ring resizing is recommended when you have no other options – if your engagement ring doesn’t fit or you can’t wear a normal ring on any of your fingers. But you shouldn’t fret; if the jeweller does a good job then everything should be fine and the damage would be minimal.

There are occasions when this process goes badly. That’s usually the case when the jeweller doesn’t do a good job of soldering the ring back together.

You can perform a thorough check on the ring to see if there are any problems.

Look at the new joint on the ring. If the surface is not fully flat, if there is a depression there then the resizing is not of good quality.

However, if there is a different colour on your band then it’s a sign that everything is fine – the jeweller used a different coloured metal on your band. This is usually the case with gold or silver rings.

Platinum rings offer a different challenge. No matter how qualified the jeweller is there will always be a joint line on the band because of how difficult the metal is to work with.

Ring resizing is a great option if you can’t wear your ring.

However, you must do thorough research before you choose a jeweller for the job as some have better services than others and you want to make sure you get the best quality job that you can. This will ensure you can wear your ring for years to come.

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