The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR Review OTO – Price & OTOs + Exclusive 5,000 Bonuses + Bundle

Having your own product is one of the most lucrative ways to make money on the internet…

But creating your own product is NOT easy. And NOT cheap.

What if someone created it for you… and it was affordable?

And what if that someone was an Internet marketing millionaire?

I know. You would jump at the opportunity. Who wouldn’t?

Well, that day has come!

Nick has a HOT-proven product for you to sell, put your name on as your own, keep 100% of the profits, and make recurring income! It is named The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR.

  1. Get more traffic and subscribers
  2. Build a relationship with your list & readers
  3. Generate more sales & make more money

Thanks to Nick James, I get the results I wanted

If you buy it through my referral link, I will give you a special reward from me. This reward will help you earn more money when combined with The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR Review.

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Product nameThe Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR
VendorNick James
Front-end price$1
Release Date2023-Sep-28
Release Time10:00 EDT
RecommendedVery High
Skill levels neededNo need any skills
SupportEffective Response
BonusesMega 5,000 Bonuses Value At $2,976,749
Refund30 Day Money Back Guarantee  


The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR is packed with relevant, quality content to instantly put them to work on building you a passive income.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR FE: The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR

The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR OTO 1: IM Newsletter PLR Back Issues

The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR OTO 2: Product Licensing Formula

The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR OTO 3: Licensing Vault



The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR is brought to you by Nick James and Kate James.

Juicy information is waiting for you in my The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR Review.


The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR is ready for you:


Each month our highly skilled in-house design team will lay out your PLR content to become a professional-looking magazine/newsletter which you can instantly deliver to your subscribers/customers using our ‘generic white label’ brand name …

Or simply edit the default content using MS Word to fully rebrand everything such as changing the title or adding your domain name as the publisher.

  • There has never been a better time to begin publishing your own IM Newsletter or creating your own magazine and PUTTING YOUR NAME ON IT (GREAT for list building and developing lasting customer relationships and creating a monthly recurring revenue!)
  • Be confident in knowing that you will receive the highest quality ghost-written content that you can be proud to publish. Content that not only educates but also entertains your customers and subscribers.
  • PLUS with our no-nonsense Private Label Rights, you can pretty much use the content in any way you desire – Use your newly written content for a monthly newsletter of your own or perhaps use them individually to create Emails, Blog Posts, eBooks, eCourses, YouTube videos, Podcasts, Radio Shows Etc. (Just please read the full T&Cs in our FAQ section so you know what’s not covered) – In 99.9% of all cases you’re covered!

You also get a ready-to-be-distributed PDF ILLUSTRATED newsletter full of monthly content, so you can deliver it AS IS to your subscribers.

And remember:

Your fresh, created from scratch, monthly content contains an Introduction, Resources, an Extra Pull Out Supplement, an Epilogue, and all the Latest News and internet marketing Techniques and Methods in one place (Again this is NOT rehashed info – this is timely, relevant and will keep your readers’ attention!)



When you join The Internet Marketing PLR Newsletter today, we’re also going to include an Audio PLR interview.

As well as the 32+ page newsletter every single month you’ll also receive an Audio PLR interview with a leading online marketer, product creator, or influencer … at no extra cost!

These audio interviews also come with full private label rights… you can use them for just about anything you can imagine.

Here’s a quick sample of a small selection of interviews we recorded with A LISTER digital marketers like… Bill Glazer, Armand Morin, Terry Dean, and Mike Filsaime.

As you can hear, these are ready to go, straight out of the box. You can just use them as is without putting any work into them.

However, they are also ready to customize and for you to make them your own…

You can easily edit these to include your own “radio-style” intro and outro.

We also make it super easy for you to re-record the interview question, so you are featured as the host in the Podcast.

Upload these modified interviews to iTunes to instantly have your own personal Podcast. Or use them as jaw-dropping bonuses.

These interviews are the perfect bonuses to give away with your monthly newsletters, they will add a ton of value and wow factor for your subscribers.

Having your own Podcast or “Radio Show” with such ‘top guests’ will really help you stand out from the crowd and attract the results you deserve and desire.

Fair warning… these Audio PLR Interviews will be launched as a separate service later in the year, with a monthly cost of $97.

But right here today, you’ll not only get your first Audio PLR Interview for free… You will also completely bypass any future cost and lock yourself into getting another free Audio PLR Interview every single month!

And we have some great ones already lined up for you, including interviews with a hand-picked selection of internet marketing super-heroes like: Mike Lantz, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Tai Lopez, Todd Gross, Paul Ponna, Luke Maquire, Amy Porterfield … and Many More…




Repurpose your monthly newsletter content in any way you choose:

Your own (online/offline) newsletter or magazine
Your own PDF newsletter or Membership site
Your money-making autoresponder series
Attention-getting blog posts
Hot selling products
Your own audio recordings, podcast, or ‘radio show’
Your own eBooks
Your own list-building reports
Re-brandable reports for affiliates
Recurring payment memberships
And so much more.


The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR is absolutely amazing.

It comes with full PL R meaning you can resell it and keep 100% of the profits for yourself…

Put your name on it as your own…

And build your own passive income online!

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain…

This is a DFY product from a millionaire marketer!





Generally, The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business



✅ Over 32 pages of high-quality internet marketing content with full private label rights.

✅ An Audio PLR Interview you can easily rebrand to create your own podcast

✅ A “ready to go” professionally designed newsletter you can instantly start using to generate leads and sales on demand.

✅ And much more

✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


❌ No Cons Found.


The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR has 1 Front-end & 3 OTOs:




Upgrade Your Monthly Membership To Include Private Label Rights To EACH and EVERY Back Issue Of The PLR Newsletter

  1. All 150+ Back Issue editions of the Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR in their entirety
  2. Remember, each issue contains over 32 pages of pure Internet and Niche Marketing content of exceptional quality that you can be proud of (that’s over 4,800 pages of content!)
  3. And each issue is divided into sections, so you can easily find and use any of the Introductions, News, Ideas, Resources and Epilogues in any way you desire.
  4. You get Private Label Rights Use to your newly written content to create new eBooks, eCourses, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Videos Etc.
  5. You’ll also receive a Professionally Designed Template in Word Doc (.docx) format… just open it, add your newsletter title and your own name and run your own PRINTED and/or online magazine.

As A New Joining Member, You Have The Option To Upgrade Your Monthly Membership To Include Access To 150+ Back Issues For Less Than $1 Per Issue

(But You’ll Have To Be Quick… As This Special Offer Is Only Available Now While We’re Still Setting Up Your New Membership Access)

You’ll receive a brand new, profit pulling 32 page Newsletter with full PLR every single month.

However… I know that our most successful members are the ones that take immediate massive action!

That’s why I want to stock your arsenal, so you can go out there with all guns blazing…

… and I’m also going to make that even easier and way more profitable for you!

And that’s why I would like to give you the opportunity to upgrade your membership to also give you access to all our 150+ back issues of content for a very special low price.

Private Label Rights To All 150+ Back Issues

With Over 32 Pages Per Issue… That’s Over 4,800 Pages Of Pure Gold Content!

Content that I originally wrote exclusively for my own personal $97/month subscribers and never intended to release the Private Label Rights to.

It’s that good.

Be prepared: People may think you spent weeks and months writing it yourself.

Or maybe they’ll just think you’re an Internet Marketing Wizard of extraordinary capability. 🙂

In either case, you and your audience are going to LOVE IT!

Here’s a small sample of some of the amazing content you will get instant access and full PLR to. Remember that this is just a tiny fraction of everything you will get.

  • How To Get A Quick Influx Of Cash Anytime You Need It
    9 Words That Increase Conversions By 75%
  • How To Make $100,000 Per Year In Internet Marketing [Easier than you might think]
  • How To Make A Million Dollars In Less Than A Month, $5 At A Time [Seriously This Is
  • How One Marketer Did It]
  • The Incredible Magical Conversion Tool [Use This To Close More Sales On Your Website]
  • The Eugene Schwartz / John Carlton Headline Swipe Files [These Headlines Have Made Millions]

Every single issue is packed with Featured Articles, Ideas, Resources, News, Big Features and Interviews, along with an introduction and epilogue.

Use the content and its information for your own money-making benefits…

Then…Reuse The Content Almost Anyway You Like – After All, You’ve Got Full PLR Rights To It!

Use it to create:

Your own PDF newsletters
Your own (offline) print newsletter or magazine
Your money-making autoresponder series
Attention-getting blog posts
Hot selling products
Your own audio recordings, podcasts or ‘radio show’
Your own eBooks
Your own list building reports
Re-brandable reports for your affiliates
Recurring payment memberships
And so much more.

The one thing we ask you to never ever do is make the ‘source files’ of the Newsletter available to anyone else or license the PLR on to anyone else. This is because we want to maintain the integrity and value of the material for all concerned.

PLUS: Upgrade Today & You Will Also Receive A Super Bonus For EACH Of The 150+ Back Issues…

A Ready To Deliver ILLUSTRATED Internet Marketing Newsletter / Magazine

Each month our highly skilled in-house design team will lay out the PLR content into a professionally designed PDF format.

This means you will receive a professional looking magazine/newsletter you can instantly deliver to your subscribers/customers, using our ‘generic white label’ brand name …

…Or simply edit the default content using MS Word to fully rebrand everything, such as changing the title or adding your own domain name as the publisher.


Be 1 Of 50 Special Customers To Review The New Product Licensing Formula Home Study Course

Right now the Product Licensing Formula Home Study Course is not available publicly…

…It’s only available to private students and existing customers who are happy and willing to provide their initial feedback, and results from using the formula.

If you’re happy to do that… You can forget the full $197 price that the physical version of the home study course will be priced at when it launches in a couple of month’s time…

… And instead, get early ‘digital access’ with a special $100 discount right here on this page (all other checkout buttons are currently disabled)….

This brings your investment in this awesome additional training down to just $97

Actually, far from creating competition, if anything it’s going to open up even more business for both of us, as you’ll understand once you study The Product Licensing Formula home study course for yourself.

A Program That Will Teach You How To Make The Easiest Money You’ve Ever Made

As I said, you’ll find it difficult if not impossible, to find this kind of information anywhere. Furthermore, this is real. None of it is theory.

What I’ll be teaching you is the simple process I use every day to make myself a very healthy profit. A process remember, which has enabled me to bank between $25,000-$35,000 dollars each and every month since I first started doing this just over twenty years ago.

Though I haven’t got much space in this letter to reveal everything to you, I would like to point out some of the things you’ll not only learn, but master.

  • You’ll discover exactly what product licensing is and how very easily you can use this concept to produce large profits for yourself.
  • You’ll be introduced to the jargon-free step-by-step process of licensing. Really, it’s a whole lot easier than you probably think. Within a few minutes, you’ll fully understand the REAL key to making a great living by licensing simple information products.
  • You’ll discover where to find quality ready-to-go proven information products to license. This is the material others just do not tell you about.
  • I’ll show you precisely how I’ve used licensing to build my business into one of the largest publishing-on-demand businesses in the country. A process, which you can use as an exact model for your own business.
  • You’ll find out how to get FREE marketing materials with all your information licenses. No writing … no trying to be creative … no paying others to write for you. Get powerful ready-made material FREE.
  • I’ll show you how to instantly know which licenses will be winners and which are the losers. It’s a quick process that will only take you a few minutes, but you’ll soon be operating like a pro. In fact, with this kind of knowledge, you could very easily set yourself up as an information consultant as well if you’d like. Others will pay you handsomely for your intuition and expertise.
  • You’ll discover what MUST be in the license agreement … and what should definitely NOT be there. Once again, it’s all jargon-free.
  • To increase your profits astronomically, I’ll show you how to create an entire back-end range of products for your business. Don’t worry, these aren’t products you have to create yourself but are nothing more than other ready-made licensed products that plug into the first. This information alone could make you a very, very serious income over the next 6-12 months.
  • I’ll show you how to get your name known around the world with one simple licensing technique. This is probably the most exciting technique I’ve ever used and one that you probably wouldn’t have even considered.
  • You’ll fully understand how to immediately know if there’s a market for a product you’re interested in, even BEFORE you license it. This is a simple method of practically eliminating risk altogether. Knowledge that is invaluable, yet you won’t find readily available.
  • I’ll let you into another major secret too … how to have a BRAND product produced for you at very little cost. This is going to shock and amaze you. Virtually overnight you can be the head of a very respectable and professional information business dealing in extremely high-quality brand products, even though you are a one-person business working from the comfort of your own home.

A Free Bonus Licensing Pack Worth $291 Which Includes: 3 Top Quality Ready-To-Go Products To Get You Started…

When I put this Product Licensing Formula together, I wanted to do a really good job. I wanted to give you something which would really help you get easily started into this wonderful business. I didn’t want you to just have the information … the knowledge about licensing if you like. I wanted you to have EVERYTHING you’d need to get up and running immediately.

So along with the core training manual I’m going to give you the FREE LIFETIME, WORLDWIDE, LICENSING RIGHTS to THREE excellent information products. (And please don’t confuse these with low-grade resale rights to ‘500 reports on a disc’ type of packages) These information products are brand new, real high quality niche market information products.

The also come complete with everything you need to start making money from them right away. Including: professionally prepared graphics, pre-written sales letters, follow up autoresponder emails, EVERYTHING!)

This means you’ll have the full licensing rights to print / make as many copies of these products as you like.

You can sell them either as a standalone products, as a premium bonuses; lead generators; extra gifts for people who buy from you … whatever you like.

You can even use an extra secret technique which is fully explained on page 63 of the course manual to almost guarantees your success with any product you license.

They’re yours to use any way you’d like. You’ll NOT owe me a penny in royalties or commission. They will become your products to do with as YOU wish.

Will you get rich from these three products? Will you be able to retire next Thursday? Well I want to be quite frank with you, no you won’t…. That’s not their purpose. However, they will give you an excellent start in licensing.

They can be your first three ready-to-go products, which remember I am giving to you completely FREE. Three products for you to do whatever you want with… and you haven’t paid a single penny for. Now there are not many deals that good in this life.

FREE Extra Bonus One: Product Licensing Formula Keynote Presentation Video

Captured LIVE on Video –

The full and unedited 60-minute keynote presentation I recently made from stage at a private $997 a seat live event for Information Publishers and Online Marketers about ‘Product Licensing’.

During the presentation I fully explained the licensing concept from scratch and how you can quickly use licensing to L-E-V-E-R-A-G-E any business into a much stronger position than you would ever have thought possible.

HINT… One person I mention during this presentation used this exact licensing technique and ended up becoming one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs on the planet!

Believe me you do not want to miss out on watching this video and because you can’t get it anywhere else… it’s worth the price of the package alone.

FREE Extra Bonus Two: Quick-Start Accessory Pack

In addition to the L.I.C.E.N.S.E. Formula manual; you will also receive an additional package of high value resources to really help you to hit the ground running and making maximum money with licensing in the minimal amount of time possible. Including:

Special Report: An additional 12-page report titled “How to Make Even More Sales of Your Licensed Products!” which will take you through an additional 3-step marketing process and could quickly DOUBLE your financial results.

Cheat Sheet: An ‘at-a-glance-summary’ of the entire L.I.C.E.N.S.E. Formula in the form of a professionally laid out Infographic which you can put up on the wall in your home office. Looking at this once-a-day could be all it takes to keep you on track just like it does for me. To the point remember, where I’m consistently generating between $25,000 – $35,000 per month. How would you feel if you had that type of money coming into your bank account each month too?

Printable Checklist: Never miss a single step of this profitable licensing strategy by checking off each step as you go. Running more than one licensing project at a time? No problem, you can print off as many copies of this handy checklist as often as you like.

Glossary Of Terms: Like any business, the product licensing business also has its own unique language. This handy 1-sheet jargon buster will help you to cut through any unfamiliar terms and have you sounding like a seasoned professional in no time at all.

Secret Approach Fill-In-the-Blanks Template: On page 53 of the L.I.C.E.N.S.E. Formula core training manual, I explain a very simply yet amazingly effective technique to find new and untapped licensing opportunities. (No one else I know does this), but you will be able to put it to work immediately just by filling in the blanks.


EXCLUSIVE LICENSING OPPORTUNITY: 20 Ready-Made High-Quality Information Products

Where You Can Have Each Product ‘Up-And-Running’ Online In 30 Minutes Or Less – Guaranteed!

Real Life Case Study: Over $452,685.15 (and counting) … From Just One Licensed Product!

Imagine if you had turned $497 into almost half a million dollars last year. What would you be doing right now?… What would be at the top of your shopping list?

Let your imagination run wild for a moment!

And really think of ALL the possibilities you’d have in front of you…

You could solve quite a few ‘problems’ with that amount of cash sitting in your bank account. Right?

Well, that’s exactly the type of thing that can happen when you have an entire collection of products to offer your customers and email subscribers. I should know… it happened to me.

After all, the more products you have, the more opportunities you have to make additional sales and even higher profits.

Join me today for this last and final upgrade opportunity for your Internet Marketing Newsletter membership and you can also gain access to something I call my Licensing Vault.

This is the secure area where I keep all the ‘Master Copies’ of my products.

Right now, you can get instant access to a complete collection of TWENTY high quality information products that are all in the Internet Marketing and Make Money Online niche… together with the Private Label Rights … for what works out to be just $64.85 each.

The twenty products in the Licensing Vault includes:

The High-Quality Product
Amazing Graphic Design
Professionally Designed Web Template
Full Private Label Rights For You To Keep 100% Of The Profits From Every Sale.
Some of the products even have additional bonuses and special reports… In fact, here is what the entire collection looks like.

Introducing: The Instant Set Up Wizard.

And it’s a brand-new bespoke WordPress Plugin that can set up your sales page, product download page AND the information product itself… complete with all your specific details… and have each licensed product ready to sell in record time.

Join me in the Licensing Vault today you can help me beta testing this brand-new software.

Just by typing with 2 fingers… and clicking the mouse… it will help you to take each product ‘out of the box’ and have it ready for sale on your WordPress website in TWENTY MINUTES or less.

If you would like to access the ‘crown jewels’ when it comes to the highest quality of licensed products, then be sure to snap up this special offer today.

You will never have a better opportunity than the one you have right now to get the full PLR rights to so many high-quality PLR products in one handy package than you do right now.

This Licensing Vault Collection Is Your Fast Track Step-By-Step Success Package…
You’ve got everything you need – the products, sales letters, professional graphic design packages, web templates, and much more!

Everything is necessary to make a storming success out of every single product.

You’ve even got the Instant Set Up Wizard software to help you tweak and change everything to be just the way you want it within a couple of keystrokes. Everything important will be seamlessly customized for each project automatically.

Remember, this special Licensing Vault package has been put together with one simple goal in mind: To put money in your pocket. Loads of it.

Right now, you have in front of you a golden opportunity. So, if you don’t at least QUADRUPLE your initial outlay, with the VERY FIRST PRODUCT that you launch and sell, I WILL BE UTTERLY ASTOUNDED!

EXTRA BONUS GIFT #1: Free Bonus License –Proven Profit Principles

As you will discover by watching the Licensing Vault Virtual Workshop… The product that was launched live during the workshop was called “Proven Profit Principles”…

… and this is also the FIRST extra item (complete with Private Label Rights) that you’re going to receive with my compliments.

That’s right, I am going to give you a full, life-time, worldwide, private label rights to the very product that made exactly $10,214 in just 14 days COMPLETELY FREE.

And yes, before you ask, (just like all the other licensed products on this page), this also includes everything you need to sell it.

I’m talking about the sales letter, professional website graphics, the Instant Set-Up Wizard software, the Rebranding software. etc, etc.

In short, EVERYTHING I used live at the workshop to make sales within just minutes is all included with this extra bonus!

And, if I made over $10,000 in just two weeks, imagine what you could make with ALL these products during the next 12 Months (or more).

EXTRA BONUS GIFT #2: 20 x Special Reports To Give Away – One For Every Licensed Product

In addition to the TWENTY licensed products… you will also receive an additional TWENTY special reports that you can give away for free as individual Lead Magnets.

This way you can immediately start giving value to your customers – even before they place their trust in you and make a purchase.

There’s a unique special report themed to each licensed product.

Simply invite prospects to give you their email address in return for one (or all) of these special reports…

…Or you can give them away as PDFs for free via Social Media …

… Or perhaps even make them available to your affiliates, so they can rebrand them and embed their affiliate links.

Each report varies in length, but everything adds up to an extra 48,200 words of ‘killer content’ for your customers to get to know, like, and trust you.

And even at a very modest rate of 6 cents per word, it would cost in excess of $2,892 to have a talented ghostwriter create these reports from scratch.

But that’s extra cash you don’t have to worry about investing. Because when you secure your Licensing Vault package today, all TWENTY reports will be included with my compliments as part of the package, for you to download and put to use today.

A true $2,892 value – included completely free.

Personal Warp Speed Licensing Consultation

Worth $397.00… Yours FREE!
As you’ll have gathered by now, the product licensing business has changed my life. And there’s no reason on earth why you too can’t make a fortune from this business in the same way. A business that has been pulling me in a minimum of $25,000.00 per month and as much as $100,000.00+ per month on several occasions.

But look, as long-winded as trial and error were for me, and even though you’ve got the best money-making licensing package you’re ever likely to see in the marketplace anywhere, I still realise that you may need the help and advice to help you crack on to make your first bundle.

If that’s so, my laser focused, intense Personal 1-2-1 Licensing Consultation, a 20-minute motivational Zoom conversation will ramp up your thinking, boost your energy and give you the fastest way to make your investment back and then some!

Quite frankly, this session could be the most exciting and the most money generating call you would have ever had. In fact, I suggest you record the call so you can refer to it again and again. Yes, it’s that priceless.

Bluntly, I charge far in excess of $1,000.00 per hour for consultations like this, but I feel you’ll start getting into the Big Profit Leagues with what I’ll share with you in this powerful, warp speed consultation.


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


I hope that my The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly PLR Review can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!


REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or cannot contact the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!



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