The Guide That Makes It Simple to Create an Employee Awards Program

Are you looking for novel ways to boost employee engagement? Do you want to improve your company culture?

Designing an employee recognition program is fun, exciting, and can increase the morale of your staff. However, you want to do it properly so that this happy occasion doesn’t fall flat on its face.

Read this article to learn all about creating a successful employee awards program.

Award Categories

As you can expect, the first thing to do is decide on the award categories. What kind of employee recognition do you want to provide?

There are two aspects to choosing categories. On the one hand, they’re about recognizing the work that your staff has accomplished.

But they also provide you with an opportunity to outline what you’d like your employees to focus on.

Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to include a few humorous categories to keep the ceremony light-hearted and engaging.

Collect Nominations

After deciding on the categories, you’ll have to collect nominations for each one. You can do so via survey, form submission, or email.

For each nomination, collect the nominee’s name and reason for submission.

Get Awards

It wouldn’t be an awards program without awards! You’ll need something to give the winners so that they can commemorate the occasion.

Acrylic trophies are especially popular. They’re inexpensive but stylish and can include your company’s logo.

Pick the Finalists

Once you have all the nominations, it’s time to determine the finalists. If your company is small enough, all nominations can be finalists. If it’s larger though, you may want to narrow it down to no more than five potential winners.

To narrow down your nominations, you can have one person pick the finalists, such as the most senior person in the company. Or you could create a panel of judges for the occasion.

Pick the Winners

You now may announce the finalists, for instance with a newsletter or corporate memo. It’s a good way of creating a buzz around the awards.

The winners are determined by the same process you picked the finalists. Choose the winners yourself, have someone else do it, or use a panel of judges created for the occasion.

If using a panel, you can have each judge rank their top 3 choices and take the average of all responses.

Announce the Results

You may now let the whole company know who won each category. It can be done either digitally or at an event.

Having an in-person event is better if you want to boost the exposure of the winners and add an element of prestige to the program.

If an event isn’t ideal for your company, a digital announcement is still impactful and shows appreciation for your employees.

Lastly, you may now gift the winners the trophies you purchased. You can also give them a reward in the form of a gift certificate or extra vacation day for more incentive.

Have Fun with Your Employee Awards Program

Employee awards programs can make employees feel more valued and give them more of a sense of belonging to a great project.

Organizing one is fairly straightforward. Decide on categories and collect nominations. Pick your finalists, and finally choose the winners. Give them nice trophies and rewards to symbolize their victory.

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