The Famous Chanderi Sarees at Your Doorstep

India is very well known for its culture. Different types of dresses made from handmade fibers are like a representation of Indian aura. In ancient times, workers used to put their best efforts into making clothes for kings and queens. They used to produce fibers which were later woven into clothes. As we improved in terms of technology, machines were used for the same purpose. But, still, there are some parts of India where handmade fabrics are found. Madhya Pradesh is one of those places. The fabrics will give you the feeling of a strong Indian culture.

Story of Popular Chanderi Fabric –

The fabric derives its name from the city it originated. The origin is a small village named Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. The fiber was earlier known for making turbans of Marathas. Chanderisarèes are very beautiful. They have a very glossy texture. Earlier Chanderi sarees were said to represent royalty. That’s why the queens loved to wear Chanderi sarees. At many locations, Chanderi sarees manufacturer still tries to keep the beauty of Chanderi sarees alive. Apart from the glossy texture, the sarees are famous for motifs embroidered on the sarees. Also, the vibrant pastel colors of these sarees are soothing. It will give you an elegant look.

Qualities of Chanderi Sarees-

Although, these are sarees are popular from the era of kings and queens, you might think “why should you buy it? Well, talking about the qualities,  these sarees are something that stands on top. Although there are numerous qualities, some of them are discussed below:

Texture – As discussed earlier, chanderi sarees have a unique glossy texture. The sarees are lustrous in appearance and transparency. Whether you choose the chanderi silk and chanderi cotton sarees, both will make you feel comfortable and trendy.

The Motifs – It is the best thing about chanderi sarees. The motifs are hand embroidered on the sarees. Earlier the design of motifs was taken from coins, peacocks, fruits, flowers, etc. But today chanderi sarees manufactured, even the famous abstract geometric prints are also embroidered on them.

Zari Borders – These sarees are designed with royal borders. Traditional zari work is done on these borders, which makes them more beautiful. These borders and the glossy texture make the saree more unique.

Manufacture of Chanderi Sarees –

There are various places where chanderi saree is manufactured today. As the demand for this saree is increasing, chanderi sarees manufacturers in India have also increased their production. You can easily buy these sarees both from shops and online stores. Even today, the manufacturers try to keep the traditional touch in the chanderi sarees.

Now, as you know about the various qualities of chanderi sarees, you might think about the Colours of the chanderi sarees. These sarees come in a wide range of pastel colors, giving you a vibrant and elegant look. If you are thinking about buying a saree, you should go for these trendy chanderi sarees by chanderi sarees manufacturer. It will give you a perfect look for any occasion.