The Essential Guide to Moving a Pool Table: Step-by-Step Instructions

It is essential to hire a professional to help move your pool table. Moving a pool table is extremely heavy and exceedingly difficult to take apart. Pool Tables can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. They can cause physical and property damage if not done correctly. However, if you would like to move your pool table yourself due to cost, I will guide you step by step. If you do not follow these step-by-step instructions, your pool table move will not be successful due to the complexity of the move. 

Essential Tools for Moving Your Pool Table 

You might wonder what tools you need to disassemble and reassemble your pool table. The tools you need are a socket wrench, a drill, a screwdriver set, and a staple remover to detach your pool table felt. Once you have all these tools make sure you have moving blankets and bubble wrap to prevent damage to your pool table. You may use a dolly to aid you in lifting the pool table. Also, always wear a back brace to protect yourself from harming your back. Before you begin moving your pool table, make sure to measure. Measuring will help you with obstacles in your home, such as narrow doorways, hallways, and tight corners. Good news! If you disassembled your pool table correctly, there should be no potential challenges when you move your pool table. You should always have at least 2 people to move your pool table. This ensures a faster and less complex move that could take 4 hours or more. 

Disassembling Your Pool Table 

Now, you are ready to disassemble your pool table. The first step you should take is to remove the pockets and rail bolts. When you unscrew or remove any piece, label it for easier reassembly. Next, you want to take apart the legs and frame. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions since there are different types of pool tables. When removing the felt, remove the staples slowly to avoid any damage. Now, here’s the tricky part — removing each piece of the slate. There are usually 16 screws that you need to remove from a 3-piece slate pool table. Keep in mind, that each slate can weigh 200 pounds or more. So, make sure you have a helping hand. Always secure each piece you remove with bubble wrap and padding. Lastly, use a Ziploc bag to put all your screws in. So, you don’t lose any. 

Loading and Transporting Your Pool Table

When you are ready to load the pool table onto your choice of transportation, use proper lifting techniques. You are going to bend your knees and lift with your legs. Wear a back brace at all times. Grab your helper and elevate the pool table with dollies. So, it is easier to navigate. You now can load your pool table onto the vehicle. Securely strap your pool table, and make sure to use ratchet straps. The Pool table shouldn’t be able to move before you begin the transportation.

Once you are ready to transport the pool table, drive carefully and avoid sudden stops. This will minimize jolts and impacts during your transit. Also, you might want to cover your pool table to protect it from potential damage and dust. You can always have someone follow behind you with their hazard lights on to ensure a safe passage. You are now ready to unload and reassemble your pool table. I urge you to use dollies and moving equipment when unloading the pool table. Follow the disassembly steps but in reverse order. Don’t forget to attach the rail bolts and pockets by properly tightening each screw. 

Precision Leveling and Alignment

When realigning and leveling your pool table make sure you use a machinist level. To level the pool table correctly, adjust the legs to achieve a perfectly leveled surface. You may use leg shims to level the base. Now, put all three pieces of slate back on the table. Use wood slate shims to level the slates. Use a machinist level on all 3-pieces of slate. Verify the seams and edges to ensure a consistent and smooth playing area. You can check if the leveling of the pool table is perfect by testing the pool table. You can roll the pool table balls to check for any issues. Play a few rounds of pool. If there are any issues, make the necessary adjustments to your pool table. Put beeswax on the cracks between each slate. You’re going to have to use a torch and any standard beeswax. Melt the beeswax on the cracks of the pool table and scrap the excess.  

From Felt to Finish Line

This step is one of the most complex out of all of them. I recommend buying new felt and not using your old one to make the process easier. If you want to use your existing felt, verify there’s no damage. Once you have laid out the felt, smooth out any wrinkles. So you can have an even playing surface. Carefully reattach the felt to the pool table frame using a staple gun. Put the rails back on and tighten them using a deep socket. Staple the pockets at the bottom and ensure they’re able to hold the weight of the balls.

You are now finished. Wait! Always double-check and inspect the pool table and its entirety. If there is any damage address the issue promptly. Your pool table might be full of dust. I suggest cleaning and polishing it so it is up and ready at its new location. Reassemble ball racks, cues, and chalk holders. Congratulations! You are now ready to use your pool table. It is important to carefully and strategically plan before disassembling your pool table. Be prepared to have all the tools you need, to reassemble and dissemble the pool table. Never move your pool table alone, and always ask for help. If you follow these steps, I guarantee you that you will have a successful and smooth pool table move.