The Complete Guide to Which Tax Service Is Cheapest

When it comes to taxes, the general populace depends highly on professional tax advisors. In the good old days, this was the only option. However, today we see numerous online tax service or software that has made our lives much easier. The dilemma persists about which one to choose from these options and also which tax service is the cheapest. 

In this write-up, we have put together the popular tax service prices list to help you choose easily. We have put together a list of all the best and cheapest tax service providers that you can use for filing your upcoming taxes in the coming sections. 

Cheapest Tax Service Options

1. TurboTax

If you are looking for a cheap tax filing option for complex returns, then TurboTax should undoubtedly be on the top of your consideration. It is one of the most popular choices in the U.S.A for filing returns online. Filing federal taxes and state returns is free on TurboTax. 

Price list of Turbo Tax

  • For Simple taxes, you can use TurboTax at no cost – $0
  • The Deluxe Edition of TurboTax costs – $40
  • The Premier Edition of TurboTax costs – $70
  • For the Self-Employed, TurboTax can be availed for $90
  • For State, TurboTax costs from $0 -$45

Key Features of Turbo Tax

  • Free federal and state returns
  • The best option for complex tax returns
  • Deluxe Edition is most suited for tax deductions and credits
  • Premier Edition can be used for investments, rental properties, cryptocurrencies, and Robo-investing
  • Snapping off a photo of your W-2 is possible through a mobile app
  • Premium and Self-Employed options have one-on-one tax specialist support

2. Jackson-Hewitt

If you are looking for the cheapest option for filing simple tax returns online, then Jackson-Hewitt has got you covered. It is one of the pioneers of online tax services in the U.S.A. All tax forms are supported by their online services.

Price list for Jackson-Hewitt

  • For filing federal taxes, you pay $25
  • For filing federal and unlimited stated returns, you pay $49

Key Features of Jackson-Hewitt

  • Easy pricing structure
  • Easy option to download your W-2
  • Step-by-step simple process
  • Best for first-timers for DIY tax filing

3. FreeTaxUSA

One of the top preferences for online tax filing in the U.S.A is FreeTaxUSA. It is an online software for filing federal and state returns. All tax situations are covered in FreeTaxUSA, and it is free for Self-Employed too. FreeTaxUSA guarantees that you will get a maximum refund when using their software, and that too with 100% accuracy. Many find access to Audit Assist as the most lucrative factor while using the FreeTaxUSA.

Price-list for FreeTaxUSA

  • For filing Federal taxes, you pay $0
  • For filing Form 1099, you pay $0
  • The Deluxe Edition costs $6.99
  • For filing State returns, you pay $12.95

Key-Features of FreeTaxUSA

  • Free tax software for Federal and State returns
  • Option to import last year’s return from other services
  • Help section and email support
  • Deluxe Edition offers chat support and unlimited amended returns
  • Audit Assist in case of IRS audit

4. TaxAct

Another popular and one of the cheapest tax filing options in the U.S.A is TaxAct. It is one of the most accurate tax filing tools for filing tax returns. TaxAct is free for filing simple tax returns. If you have more complex returns to file, you can opt for any premium services. 

Price-List for TaxAct

  • For simple tax filing, you pay $0
  • The Deluxe Edition of TaxAct costs $24.95
  • The Premier Edition of TaxAct costs $34.95
  • For the Self-Employed, TaxAct is available at $64.95
  • The state returns costs from $0 to $49.95

Key Features

  • Free Federal and State return filing
  • The self-employed version is available for freelancers and independent contractors
  • $100K Accuracy Guarantee by TaxAct
  • A premium option for complex tax returns that includes credits, deductions, investments, and rental

Concluding Thoughts

In modern days, you can file tax returns anywhere and anytime. The comfort, convenience and, accuracy of filing the tax returns at the cheapest possible cost attract most of us to the online tax filing software and tools. 

In this article, we focused on the top software and tool for tax filing that are also the cheapest options. We hope that you find the write-up useful in filing your next tax returns.


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