The Classic Cold Coffee that Indians Love

If you are a caffeine lover, then you would have relished the indulgence offered by the Classic Cold Coffee. In India this would be an indulgingly creamy, frothy and sweet. Unlike a Frappe or Iced Coffee this would typically be made by blending coffee, cold milk and sugar together.

What Is The Difference between Cold Coffee, Frappe, and Iced Coffee?

Cold coffee is a classic cold beverage traditionally made in India by blending instant coffee with cold milk and sugar and few ice cubes to a light brown Colour with a thick frothy consistency. At times a scoop of vanilla ice cream is blended along with or topped onto the beverage to add enhance its flavor and creaminess.

Iced coffee is a beverage made with espresso poured over ice cubes. In comparison to the Classic Cold Coffee, this is a stronger cup and also a lighter beverage unlike the former’s creamy sweet texture.

Frappe (pronounced as frap-pay) is an iced coffee blended with whipped cream. It is also enjoyed with toppings like chocolate shavings, chocolate sauce or syrups. Compared to the Classic Cold Coffee, this would have a higher crushed ice content and hence less milky and creamy.

The Cold Coffee To Remember

For an indulgent cold coffee experience, you must choose a good quality coffee like Nescafe Classic.

Nescafe Classic, the lead brand from Nestle is made from best quality Robusta coffee beans handpicked from select coffee plantations in South India. Nestle engages with farmers directly supporting them to improve their livelihood while ensuring sustainable sourcing that protects the environment. These coffee beans are then slow roasted by Nescafe’s master roasters before being extracted using Nescafe’s proprietary technology to make the world’s favourite coffee – Nescafe Classic, savoured for its signature aroma and bold taste. Nescafe Classic’s strong full-bodied flavour makes for an ideal Cold Coffee experience – indulgingly creamy and delightfully bold leaving a lingering aftertaste.

Thus, when you are looking to beat the heat in style, there is no better way to do it than with a glass of Cold Coffee made with Nescafe Classic. This coffee is available in sachets and jars.