Safe your body from getting screwed with Kevlar shirts

As the weather is getting warmer day by day, motorcyclists can be seen riding in their normal street clothes so that they can feel light and comfortable. But it can be very dangerous to wear normal clothes and for this reason, Kevlar-lined motorcycle gear is made to make your body feel safer and lighter. This Aramid-fabric motorcycle gear includes Kevlar-lined motorcycle protective shirts, Kevlar pants, hoodies, full-suits, and gloves.

Buying Kevlar-lined motorcycle gear could be the best decision for the people, who want something casual for work places, and as these Kevlar shirts, denims and gloves are tough enough against the road, you could wear them on for off-roading or other such places.

Are these motorcycle protective shirts safe enough?

Many riders could not decide whether they should buy a Kevlar shirt or not because these motorcycle protective shirts look just like regular shirts to them and the riders do not feel like it is worth their money. Basically, these motorcycle protective shirts are especially made for summers to give you that cool sunny day easy look but also made protective.

Just like Kevlar jackets and suits, the best Kevlar shirts are lined with the best resistant material Kevlar from top to bottom with CE-verified armor in the elbows, shoulders and chest areas.

When you are riding on your heavy bike, your body demands protection from rough pavements and bumps that could cause life taking fractures and injuries if you, unfortunately, have an accident. The manufacturers knew that it would be hard for motorcyclists to wear hoodies in the heat of blazing sun even if they are built with air vents, so for your own benefit Kevlar shirts are made to keep that causal and protective balance.

If you have bought any Kevlar-lined motorcycle gear item before, you must not doubt the impact and abrasion resistance quality of Kevlar shirts, and they would be much more beneficial for you than regular T-shirts in summer season.

Other benefits after protection-

The most important duty of motorcycle riding gear is safety of your body so that you could enjoy your riding without any fear of accidents, but it offers many more benefits including protection.

The high-quality Kevlar lined motorcycle protective shirts have multiple outside and inside pockets for keeping important small things that you need while riding. With armor pockets in the shoulder, elbows, and chest areas, the best Kevlar shirts have inner and outer pockets for mobile phones, to save them from scratches.

The heat-resistant quality of Kevlar shirts make them more beneficial because in summers you can get sun burns from the blazing heat of sun, but if you are wearing a Kevlar shirt you should consider yourself lucky.

Many brands have air vents (mesh) under motorcycle protective shirts and other items to keep the air circulation and to keep your body temperature normal. Buying a Kevlar shirt is also very helpful for riders who face sweat problems even in mild hot temperatures, because riding on a heavy bike is a very energetic task and makes your blood pressure high.

Also, in winters you can wear Kevlar shirts under your normal or protective jackets if you want to be extra protected. Wearing a Kevlar shirt under leather jackets would be great for dirt or race bike riders.


So, when you decide to buy motorcycle protective shirts, make sure that the shirt has double or triple stitching because the stitching also plays its part in protection including the material and armor.