The best AI tools in 2023

The last months of 2022 brought a variety of artificial intelligence tools to the spotlight. Using AI tools, in fact, it is now possible to do a little bit of everything, from writing texts for search engine optimization to engaging in dialogues with web users and to create extraordinary and unique images.

There is no doubt, therefore, that among the latest trends of the new year are artificial intelligence and several tools, especially art generators, that allow the creation of digital masterpieces. 

The question arises, therefore, which are the best AI tools to keep an eye on?

Chat GPT, AI conversational chatbot

CHAT GPT, a tool used for creating dialogues with web users, is also based on artificial intelligence systems. Specifically, this application works thanks to a neural network machine learning model that, based on a huge database created by the web, can write convincing sentences with clear meaning. In this way, websites, e-commerce, and blogs can establish a relationship with the user. In addition, GPT Chat can be used to create reports, articles, generate summaries, stories and even write code.

DALL-E, image generator by OpenAI

DALL-E 2 is a very powerful image generator, used as an engine for other similar tools. Its interface is very simple, but there are several features that are suitable for experienced users and perfect for digital artists. In addition to generating illustrations, images and logos, the power of DALL-E 2 allows you to add effects, shadows and create multi-layered images that can be edited with the most common graphics editing software.

CF Spark Art, an AI Art Generator from Creative Fabrica 

CF SPark Art, the new AI image generator from Creative Fabrica allows you to create incredible digital works of art by focusing on user-friendly design and fast operation. Even users who have no experience with graphic designs can create stunning digital images.

CF Spark Art, in fact, can elaborate sophisticated images from a prompt, a simple text string, like Google queries. Just a few clicks and you will have a beautiful section of images, to save, download or share. If you lack inspiration, however, you can take a cue from the community feed on the site. CF Spark Art Generator is based on a Dreamstudio API, whilst the implementation of DALL-E 2 seems to be on the way. That tool, therefore, will be able to offer even more opportunities for digital artists. 

CF art Spark is released by Creative Fabrica, a vibrant artist crafting community, a marketplace offering digital assets (fonts, graphics, templates) for designers and creatives.

Murf, a text speech generator

Among the latest innovations in the field of artificial intelligence is Murf, an application that allows you to generate text from various voice inputs. It is a useful tool, especially for reporters, podcasters, and content creators, that also allows you to customize the audio and add various effects from a library of over 1000 AI Voices. You can even select a dialect, foreign pronunciations and add voice-overs. to detect plagiarism

The issue of plagiarism is certainly one of the most felt when it comes to writing texts for the web or dealing with search engine positioning, especially since the emergence of many AI writing tools. Therefore, many agencies rely on, a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that detects copied texts. That AI tool analyses web content by determining whether a text has been generated with intelligent tools based on GPT 3 and GPT 3.5., and its operational mode is simple and fast and its cost very affordable.

Analyze data with Polymer

For companies, data analysis is crucial: from decision-making processes to marketing activities, having effective and accurate tools can make the difference. Polymer, for example, is an ideal solution for collecting, exploring, and presenting a wide range of data, thanks to its intuitive interface and without the need to write strings of code.

Contentedge, to write SEO-oriented blog posts

When you need to create a lot of search engine optimized content, you can rely on Contentedge, a very powerful AI tool that can process and write text very quickly, even in little more than 15 seconds. This AI content generator is easy to use: all that you have to do is give the tool a short input, and it will produce meaningful text that responds to the user’s search intent.