The Best 6 Tips To Present Your Digital Visiting Card

Is there a preferred way of handing out a mini visiting card? What impression does one create in your customer’s mind while you fork over your visiting card? Read on to seek out the answers.

Your objective in handing out your card:

If you’re making a sales visit, your objective is quite just introducing yourself together with your visiting card. Your goal is to provide enough value for your card, that your prospect feels quite feasible to be submitted on the Rolodex. He should see your name in his choice set, whenever he considers employing a service offered by you.

It is essential to follow particular simple rules to realize that objective. Here are the 6 rules:

  1. Your visiting card is YOU:

Your digital visiting card represents you. this is often not simply because it bears your name, designation and your organization details but because it represents much more than the fabric written on the cardboard. Your prospect will treat you with equivalent respect that you simply treat your visiting card. Take a flash to reflect on how you handover your card now.

  1. Invest in a good quality visiting card holder:

If your card is crumpled, it reflects a poor self-identity. A crisp card taken out of knowledgeable looking card holder leaves an honest first impression. It tells your prospect that you simply need to be treated with equivalent respect. So, invest some money to urge yourself an honest quality visiting card holder. Make it a habit to tug out your card only from that case.

  1. Keep it readily accessible:

Searching for your visiting card reflects poorly on your organizing skills. Allocate a particular place where you retain your visiting cards, and you ought to be ready to access it in but 2 seconds. The time you’re together with your prospect is effective. don’t waste it in checking out your card.

  1. Present it with your name facing the customer:

Your customer should be ready to read the fabric written on the visiting card. Don’t cover any portion of your card together with your fingers. Hold the cardboard on its sides and present together with your name facing the customer.

  1. Stand up while extending your card:

This gesture tells that you simply accord value to your card. This also increases the prospect of your card being read and later being filed in your prospect’s Rolodex.

  1. Give a ten seconds introduction of the service you provide:

Very few prospects actually read what’s written on your card. So, it’s always an honest idea to inform them about how you’ll add value to your prospect together with your service. Read our blog on the way to create a 2-minute pitch to introduce your service effectively. This pitch comes in handy to form a fast presentation with just your card as a visible aid.