The Best 5 Mobile Homes for Families

Are you searching for the perfect mobile home? While researching for the best mobile home to accommodate your family’s needs, you should start by comparing the best mobile or manufactured home manufacturers. As a mobile home is constructed in a start-to-finish manner inside the manufacturing facility of the contractor or housing company, you would want to make sure that the workmanship and materials are capable of meeting your expectations and needs.

While you will require to coordinate the purchase of the manufactured home with some reliable and reputed mobile home dealer or consultant like Manufactured Housing Consultants, your overall satisfaction with the respective experience will be influenced by the mobile home manufacturer you select.

Who are the Best Home Manufacturers?

Mobile home is a recent term that has been replaced by the conventional ‘manufactured homes.’ These are constructed by following specific HUD guidelines and the HUD code specifications to offer affordable and high-end living options. Mobile homes usually feature per-square-foot construction costs. The expenses are usually half of what a similar site-build house would cost. The investment you make will ultimately depend on the particular manufacturer you choose for constructing the house. Some additional factors to determine the cost are the amenities you add, customizations, and the overall floor plan.

For instance, single-section or single-wide mobile homes feature around 18-foot width and 60-foot length. These are regarded as affordable mobile housing options. Still, these might feature limited layout options. On the other hand, double-wide or multi-section mobile homes are usually more than 20 feet in width. In this case, the manufacturer will assemble individual sections at the factory unit.

Another famous type of mobile home is a modular home. It is also factory-built -similar to the mobile home. However, the modular home is finished on-site. These houses are also expected to meet the specific building code requirements.

While buying your mobile home, if you are not sure of how to start, the industry experts at Manufactured Housing Consultants can help. Here is our list of the top manufacturers of world-class mobile homes for your family:

Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes have garnered the reputation of being a pioneering mobile home manufacturer -especially in the construction of energy-efficient homes. When you shop for a mobile home, you cannot overlook the energy-efficiency factor. Rather, you can seek services from a reputed mobile home manufacturer like Clayton Homes to come up with the best outcomes. The manufacturer is committed to ensuring top-quality construction while keeping the overall drafts to the minimum and contributing to a strict construction deadline with reduced energy costs.

Clayton Homes have become a major player in the domain of top-quality manufactured homes. The company has contributed significantly to the construction of energy-efficient homes. Recently, in 2021, the leading housing company was also awarded the designation of Energy Star Manufactured Housing Builders Market Leader from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The overall commitment of the company to constructing energy-efficient mobile homes implies the creation of sustainable living as well. Clayton Mobile Homes is known for reusing recycled materials while implementing energy-efficient solutions -right from the installation of energy-efficient appliances to windows. Based on the region you choose to purchase a mobile home from Clayton Homes, you can expect the starting prices of mobile homes to be around $80,000. Clayton Homes usually constructs the standard 3 or 4-bedroom plans -making it highly suitable for families.

Jessup Housing

Jessup Housing is an independent, premier builder of top-class manufactured homes across the United States. The leading housing company is based in Texas. The company features a wide range of mobile or manufactured homes that meet the HUD standards.

Another interesting aspect of Jessup Housing mobile homes is that they are available as affordable options for families who are on a tight budget. Some of the highly sought-after models of manufactured homes by Jessup Housing are The Eisenhower, The Grant, The Jackson, The Lincoln, The Linc, The MacArthur, The Patton, The Royal, The Murphy, and The Washington.

TruMH Homes

Is this your first-time buying a mobile home? You can reach out to Manufactured Housing Consultant to know about TruMH Homes -renowned for constructing impressive single-wide homes that are affordable and practical for first-time buyers. The mobile home manufacturing aspect of the company is a part of the high-end Clayton Homes. TruMH Homes specializes in the construction of affordable single-wide mobile homes and streamlined designs. The company also manufactures affordable double-wide mobile homes for larger families.

The manufactured homes by TruMH Homes adhere to the respective HUD standards for the construction of mobile homes. Some of the leading models by the company are the Bliss and the Grand.

Southern Energy Homes

The pioneering mobile home construction company offers the delivery of functional and luxurious homes. Southern Energy Homes is a market-leading company that features a selection of homes for ensuring fastest delivery. If you are seeking a highly functional, energy-efficient mobile home, you can search for the wide range of options at Southern Energy Homes.

Some leading options are Idalou, The Cowboy, The Drake, The Maverick, and The Littlefield.

Fleetwood Homes

The housing company manufactures mobile homes that are well-suited for families. The housing construction by the company offers ample space for accommodating family-friendly floorplans. Fleetwood Homes is a part of the prestigious Cavco Homes. The company is famous for delivering access to spacious family-friendly mobile homes.

Here, you can go through a series of double-wide mobile home with around 5 bedrooms featuring around 1,800 or more square feet in dimensions. Based on your location, you have plentiful options to consider. Fleetwood Homes offers an extensive array of mobile homes while being available across all major regions of the United States.


Depending on your requirements and budget, you can choose the best range of mobile home from a leading manufactured home company. To know more about your available options, you can always reach out to the experts at Manufactured Housing Consultants.

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