The benefits of full jaw dental implants

If you have missing, failing or rotten teeth and you are looking for ways to restore your smile back to its former glory, then why not consider having full jaw dental implants? Completely bespoke to you, full jaw dental implants can give you a brand new smile – in just one day!

As a perfect alternative to dentures, full jaw dental implants – also known as all-on-four dental implants, teeth-in-a-day or same day smile – not only transform your smile, but also your self-confidence and well-being. And that’s not all. There are numerous benefits to having full jaw dental implants:

  • Natural looking – unless you tell people, they will never know that you have full jaw dental implants
  • ‘Real teeth’ feel and function – these dental implants look and behave like a normal set of teeth
  • They are comfortable and securely fixed – this means that there is no danger of them popping out when you are talking or eating, as can often be the case when wearing dentures
  • Eat what you want, when you want – food isn’t going to get stuck under your full jaw dental implants, so you can start to enjoy foods you may not have eaten for a while!
  • Improves speech – if you have missing or failing teeth, your speech can sometimes change but with full dental implants, you won’t have any more issues
  • If you currently wear dentures, then you can say goodbye to them forever, as your full jaw dental implants will be here to stay!
  • Changes the aesthetics of your face – if you have some missing teeth, then that leads to bone loss, which can gradually cause the muscles around the mouth to slacken. Full jaw dental implants will stimulate bone growth and return your face to its original shape

If you are looking to benefit from full jaw dental implants, then you may wonder if you are suitable. The reality is the majority of people are suitable for them. Sometimes, dentists will advise against full jaw dental implants and try to convince patients that dentures are their only option. But this is a misconception, with many people who have previously worn dentures going on to benefit from dental implants.

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Who is suitable for full jaw dental implants?

So, who is suitable for full jaw dental implants? Anyone who has been told that tooth loss is inevitable and that there is not enough bone present to support the dental implants are ideal recipient of dental implants. As they are secured into the jaw, this actually stimulates bone growth, replacing previously lost bone.

If you have undergone extensive dental work in the past and have crowns, bridges and fillings, or if you have a challenging dental situation, you could be suitable for the implants. You will also be considered if you have suffered from chronic gum disease. 

Full jaw dental implants have a positive effect on your mouth’s environment, eradicating any existing gum disease – as long as you look after them properly, with regular flossing and brushing.

The procedure

Once you have made the decision to undergo full jaw dental implants, then the procedure is relatively straightforward. 

You will have any remaining teeth removed on the morning of your appointment. A couple of hours later, you will have the dental implants secured into your jaw (four implants are usually used, with a precision engineered bridge of teeth on each implant. Sometimes six implants are used, if your dental situation is more challenging). 

You then need to allow approximately 12 weeks for the implants to embed into the jaw – a process called ossification – before the final prosthesis is fitted. It’s as simple as that!

The cost

Full jaw dental implants are currently not offered on the NHS and therefore do involve an investment. Costing approximately £20,000 for both jaws – dependant on any extras that you ask for – and £11,000 for either top or bottom jaw, full jaw dental implants are a cost-effective way to resolve your dental issues.

Once the money is invested, there are annual checks to be performed but that’s it. Dental implants may seem expensive, but if you have to pay for ongoing dental treatment, including costly bridges and crowns, this can cost even more. And most dental implant clinics offer the option of 0% finance plans, so it’s easier to achieve than you think. 

Have you decided you want full jaw dental implants and are now ready to take the first step towards achieving a functional, confident smile? You should start by looking for a reliable and reputable company to carry out full jaw dental implants. EvoDental are the only dental group in the UK which specialises exclusively in full mouth dental implants. 


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