The Benefits of Catering Management Software 

The benefits of Catering Management Software are many, but what are some of their most significant features? These are Order management, Payment processing integration with accounting software, and cost. Let’s explore each of these features and determine whether they are important to your business. If you’re unsure about the benefits of using the best catering management software, consider reading this article first. We’ll talk about each of these features in turn, so you’ll have a better understanding of the benefits of using one.

Order management

One of the many order management benefits of catering administration software is the ability to track and process orders and proposals. This feature is particularly useful if catering services are offered as pick-up or delivery options. In this way, the software can calculate extra charges based on details of an order, as well as the travel time. In addition, catering management software can help cut down on travel time by optimizing routes. It can also expand the delivery radius.

In addition to streamlining communications and improving front-office operations, catering management software also offers order management capabilities. A good system will automatically prioritize incoming catering orders and track upcoming supply orders. Order management software will help event managers eliminate Excel spreadsheets for catering management. It will also help event planners stay on top of incoming catering and supply orders. It will help them save time and make their jobs easier. So, ditch those Excel spreadsheets and get in touch with your business management software today!


With foodservice margins squeezing ever-lower, catering businesses are turning to automated tools for growth. Catering management software helps cut costs and boost margins by automating tasks related to food production, invoicing clients, and providing delivery and pickup options. These features are among the many benefits of catering software. These programs can help you deliver customized packages that meet client specifications. In addition, they can be accessed from anywhere, which means you can access your information from any location.

One of the most prominent benefits of catering software is its ability to accommodate multiple levels of customers. For example, the system can allow you to create multiple menus and pricing levels for each one. This feature reduces the need for double bookings and missed appointments and streamlines event details. The software also lets you collaborate with your clients. Whether you need to manage menus and manage staff, catering management software will make life easier. There are many benefits of catering software and its flexibility is worth considering.

Payment processing integrations with accounting software

One of the benefits of payment processing integrations with catering management software is that it allows a single platform to handle multiple forms of payments. With payment processing integration, you can quickly determine what products are popular and which ones are not. Using a single platform to accept payment allows you to streamline the check-in/out process. It also eliminates the need for a separate credit card terminal and the manual keying errors that can occur when entering credit card information. Moreover, it makes it easier to track and reconcile data across different systems.

Many popular PMS systems now have third-party integration marketplaces for payment processors. However, if you have your heart set on integrating a specific payment processor, you may want to consider purchasing a separate payment solution. A separate payment processor may be cheaper, but your choice will be limited. Custom integrations through APIs require the assistance of engineers and may cost more money. In addition, you can’t count on integration with every single payment processor.


When it comes to purchasing catering management software, the price tag can be daunting. You will want to be sure that the system is functional and easy to use, which will reduce the overall cost of ownership. While most solutions are cloud-based and accessible from any computer, you will want to select a solution that is on-premise-based if your business has a physical location. Most Web-based solutions are mobile-friendly and provide auto-updates and cloud storage.

When considering the cost of catering management software, consider what features are important to you. Does it include tools to create recipes, track inventory, and manage nutrition information? Does it include banquet event order (BEO) creation? This feature will allow you to create BEOs on the fly and contains key pieces of information for staff. Once you have a list of features, you’ll be ready to start implementing the software. For a minimal monthly cost, Foodstorm is an excellent choice.