The Benefits of Business Window Tinting for Your Commercial Building

Saying that energy is one of the largest operational costs, most commercial buildings face would be an understatement. The average utility cost for a commercial building comes to a monumental $2.10 per square foot. If there is any way to save on energy costs, it’s advisable to take it.

Commercial window tinting is by far one of the best ways you can achieve that goal. Most people tend to think that window tinting is all about aesthetics. However, there are so many benefits of business window tinting that you may wonder why you’ve taken so long to invest in it.

If you have tinted car windows, then you know how much you love the comfort, the privacy, and the glare reduction you enjoy from the tints. These are also the benefits your business will get to enjoy with business tinted windows.

With the advancement of technology, the window film industry is thriving and expected to hit a staggering $14.22 billion by 2027. So why don’t we get down to all the benefits of commercial window tinting and discuss why you should seriously consider it.

Increased Energy Efficiency

For commercial property, the heating and air conditioning systems are always an expensive cost to maintain. The monthly bills that come along with them are usually increasingly high as well. The windows in your property are massive heating elements.

In the summer months where they allow huge amounts of heat to penetrate into your offices. This puts a lot more pressure on the HVAC systems to meet the required temperatures.

During the colder months, the windows also fail to insulate the indoors from the cold weather as they slowly sap the heat from the indoors. Commercial properties have more windows and more glass panes compared to residential homes. For this reason, business window tinting would be incredibly beneficial to save energy.

Installing window films will have a huge impact on your HVAC system. It’ll decrease your utility bills significantly due to increased temperature reflection and insulation. You can install energy-saving and light-directing tints that will reduce both the lighting energy costs and save your air conditioning costs as well.

Safety and Security

As a business owner, the safety and security of your assets, workplace, and employees is of utmost importance. You may have invested in a Hi-Tech security system, but you can be sure that burglars and crooks will always try to break in.

One of the most significant benefits of business window tinting is that the film will act as a layer of security. Once tints are applied on all windows and glass surfaces, crooks and thieves will be discouraged from entering. The fact that they will not be able to view what’s inside will deter them from coming in.

Additionally, if you go for tough window tints that utilize thick polyester and adhesives, they’ll prevent your windows from shattering when broken or smashed into. This means that you will have harder business windows that burglars will not be able to break into, enhancing the security of your building.

Window tints may not be a foolproof security measure, but the burglars will take a considerably longer time to break in. By the time they succeed, the security system will have served its purpose of alerting the authorities. This will leave the crooks with nothing else to do but escape.

While business window tinting may not prevent break-ins entirely, it will help decrease the possibilities. It’ll also minimize any damages or injuries that would be a result of broken windows.

Improve the Aesthetic Look of Your Property

If you have thought that your commercial building windows look bland, one of the best ways to revamp them is by installing commercial window tints. The aesthetic possibilities are virtually endless.

You can add any graphics, themes, and effects of your choice both indoors and outdoors. The best part about window tinting is that it is more cost-effective than most alternatives, such as etched glass and graphics.

Sometimes it’s advisable to shield out any visual noise from customers outside your business, regardless of how organized your interior is. This can change the overall look and feel of your business.

This is vital if you have a street view where passersby can see the interior of your offices. You will improve curb appeal and give a completely different first impression to your customers with these improved aesthetics.

In the interior of the property, you can install privacy tints and window films that can mimic any appearance, such as fogged glass. This will not only enhance the aesthetics of your office but also increase privacy.

There’s a wide variety of applications that go from etched glass to textured glass. You can install them on office dividers, glass doors, conference rooms, glass walls, among others.

Enhanced Comfort

Business window tinting can increase the comfort of your offices for both employees and customers. The thing is, like automotive window tints, commercial window tinting also enhances comfort.

They decrease glare on computers and other screens in the workplace and offer consistent temperatures. You can also use them to direct lighting in certain directions in order to reduce the need for artificial lighting.

UV Protection

UV rays from the sun happen to be very dangerous because apart from damaging the skin, they also damage other items in the office like carpeting and interior furnishings. UV rays have the ability to fade wall coverings, fabrics, flooring, and other merchandise that you may have placed in window displays.

Business window tinting can help you mitigate these damages. They will block out the UV rays while still allowing in natural light.

Business Window Tinting: Investing in Commercial Window Tints

There you have it! These are the most imperative benefits of business window tinting. As long as you hire a professional commercial window tinting company, you will enjoy these benefits. The best part is that they are extremely cost-effective and they work.

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